Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx

Dr. Manx is an alien with cat-like features who is in charge of all research and design for Power Rangers gadgets.  However, Kat has also shown to have a good deal of fighting potential and quite able at holding her own in a fight.

Back in 2001, Kat worked with some of the parents of the B-Squad Power Rangers in developing the Morphing Technology used today in the S.P.D. Morphers.  However, these experiments had side effects that, while did not affect Kat, they did affect the B-Squad Parents, thus how the B-Squad Power Rangers got their Civilian Powers.

Kat has also shown to have great fighting skills.  During her battle with Mooney and Krybots, Kat was able to morph once and become Cat Ranger.  However, this was only temporary and the Cat Ranger powers were never seen again.

In the final battle against the invading Troobian forces, Kat, Boom and Omega Ranger led the S.P.D. Cadets in battle to protect the Delta Base.  After the Rangers defeated Omni and Gruumm, Kat remained at S.P.D. Earth Station.

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