Heat Bot

After Tenaya 7 managed to sabotage General Shifter's Hyper Bot from becoming the next Venjix body, she took her Heat Bot to Corinth to attack the new Fuel Depot.  The bot tried to heat the depot up, but the Rangers arrived to stop him.  While Gold, Silver & Yellow fought the Grinders, the others battled the Heat Bot.  He was too much for the Rangers to handle at first.  Even once Gold and Silver joined in the Heat Bot still managed to escape.

Later the bot returned and tried to heat the depot up so that it would explode, but the Rangers fired the RPM Enforcer on it.  When that didn't work, the Gold & Silver Rangers used their Freeze Mode of their Cloud Hatchets to freeze the Heat Bot in ice.

The bot remained frozen until Kilobyte arrived and released him.  The bot grew giant size and the Rangers went to the SkyRev Megazord.  When the bot's heat was too much, the Red Ranger called for the Paleozord.  He used the Mammoth's ice breath to freeze the bot, and then destroyed it with the PaleoMax Megazord.

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