Hammer Bot

Thanks to the Knight Bot placing delayed energy charges, the Hammer Bot was able to get inside Corinth City.  Once inside, the bot began striking the ground with his hammer fist, causing the entire city to shake.  The Red, Yellow, Green, Black & Gold Rangers quickly responded, while Flynn & Gemma stayed behind to try and convince Dr. K to use their newly invented Road Attack Zord.

The Rangers soon found themselves outmatched by the sheer strength of the Hammer Bot.  It had the complete advantage over the Rangers.  While Flynn and Gemma were tied up fighting Tenaya 7, Dr. K had no choice but to send in the Road Attack Zord.  The new Zord did manage to take out the Hammer Bot, but it then started to attack the Rangers.  Luckily they were able to shut it off.

With the Hammer Bot not yet destroyed, General Shifter gave the order for the download to make the bot giant size.  Just as the beast was about to smash the Rangers, the Blue & Silver Rangers arrived in their Zords to stop him.  Dr. K had managed to take the excess energy from the Road Attack Zord, and divert it into the other Zords to repair them.  This was all thanks to Flynn's idea.  

The Rangers formed the SkyRev Megazord, and then launched the Road Attack Zord with a new Engine Cell powering it.  The new Zord in it's warrior mode was able to fight the Hammer Bot and wear it out.  With the Hammer Bot on the ropes, the Road Attack Zord switched back to tire mode.  The Rangers powered it up with a blast from the SkyRev Megazord, and then fired the new Zord at the Hammer Bot.  The bot was hit by the Road Attack Zord and completely destroyed.

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