Knight Bot

This Bot started out attacking a Forest Area of Corinth.  The Rangers quickly responded with the three Megazords.  However, they were not prepared for the bot's Negatively Fused Electronic Charges.  These blasts greatly weakened the Megazords, and even took down the ValveMax & Mach Megazords.  

The Blue Ranger tried to power the Megazords back up with a newly invented Engine Cell of his, but instead it backfired and took the two Megazords completely offline.  Luckily Dr. K was able to bring the Megazords back up.  By working together, the Rangers were able to use their Megazords to destroy the Knight Bot, by them each reflecting the Mach Megazord's Propeller Blades back at the bot.

The Knight Bot was not a complete failure for Venjix though.  The bot did manage to place delayed energy charges inside of Corinth.  These then allowed the Hammer Bot to enter the city to attack.

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