Reflects Bot
Generation 12

Venjix created two of these Attack Bots, part of his plan to have Tenaya 7 help him in his attack.  The first bot attacked the city in giant size.  The Rangers responded with the High Octane & ValveMax Megazords.  However, because the bot was equipped with a Molecular Mirroring System, it was able to use the mirrors in his chest to copy the Megazord's weapons.  It copied the Black & Green Ranger's Zords for his arms, and used them to take out the ValveMax Megazord.  Then he cloned the Super Saber and took down the High Octane Megazord.  Just as he was about to finish off the Rangers, the Reflects Bot suffered a complete systems failure and shut down, returning the normal size.

The bot was restrained, even though he was offline, and taken to the Ranger's base to be studied.  However, this was all part of Venjix & Tenaya 7's plan.  While the Rangers were busy dealing with Drones in the city, Tenaya 7 was able to enter the Rangers base through the bot and started attacking.  

Venjix then unleashed the second Reflects Bot on the city, in giant form.  This one though had some upgrades, as it's weapons systems were much like those of General Shifter & Crunch.  The Rangers fought him with the High Octane Megazord, but they were no match.

Back in the Ranger's Base, Dr. K managed to hold off Tenaya 7 and when the evil villainess tried to use the offline Reflects Bot to copy Dr. K's cannon, it instead copied the Overthruster needed for the Rangers to form the new Zenith Megazord.  Once Dr. K grabbed & installed the reactor, the Rangers were able to form the Zenith Megazord.  

The Reflects Bot tried to copy the Zenith's weapons system, but before he could, the Megazord kicked the bot's chest and broke the mirrors.  The Rangers then used the Zenith Megazord's final blast to destroy the Reflects Bot.

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