Noz Bot Attack System 
Generation 9

This Noz Bot was the latest creation by Venjix, meant to replace Tenaya 7.  That is until she proved herself useful by making it possible for the Nozbot & Grinders to enter the city.

Once the Noz bot was inside Corinth, he started attacking the city defense forces.  Luckily the Rangers arrived and used the Road Blaster to take him out.  Venjix then revived him and made him grow.  Plus, the evil master sent in swarms of Drones to attack the Rangers as well.

The Rangers tried to fight with the High Octane Megazord, but they were overwhelmed.  That's when the Green & Black Rangers summoned their Zords, and destroyed the attacking Drones.  They also attacked the Noz Bot, allowing the High Octane Megazord time to regroup.  With the Megazord back online, the Rangers used the Super Saber to destroy the Noz Bot.

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