Battle Zords

Individual Battle Zords

The Power Rangers Movie Battle Zords with Mini Ranger Figures are ready to take down its greatest enemies, but the Rangers need your help! Place the Ranger mini figures in the cockpits of their Battle Zords, position the battle accessory and fire away. If that doesn't stop the evil villains, morph the Battle Zords together to create the Mega 5-in-1 Combined Megazord (Battle Zords sold separately).

Toys R Us Exclusive

5 in 1 Combined Megazord

When the Power Rangers morph together, there's nothing they can't do. The Power Rangers 5-in-1 Movie Megazord Complete Action Figure Set comes with everything you need to construct the all-powerful Movie Megazord. With five mini action figures and their signature Battle Zords, you can combine the pieces to complete the robotic masterpiece.


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