Legacy Toys

2016 New York Comic-Con Exclusive
Legacy Movie Red Ranger Figure

The first Power Rangers movie toy released was only at New York Comic Con! The Limited-Edition Legacy Collection Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger. Part of Bandai’s all-new Legacy Collection Figure line, this NYCC exclusive featured Morphin Metallic coloring as well as incredible detail and textures with multiple points of articulation for extreme possibility. It also came with its individual battle gear item and Power Coin. The limited-edition movie Red Ranger was only be available at the Bandai America booth at 2016 New York Comic Con.

Only 1,000 were produced.

Toys R Us Exclusive

Movie Legacy Figures

Relive your favorite battles and recreate some new ones with the Power Rangers Movie Legacy Rangers 6.5" Action Figures. With highly detailed sculpting, this Ranger figures makes a perfect gift for fans and collectors of Power Rangers memorabilia. Using the 21 points of articulation, you can pose the action figure in a variety of stances or play out action-packed scenes. Complete your display shelf by collecting all the Power Rangers and Alpha 5. Each figure also comes with a Build-a-Megazord piece, allowing you to make a Movie Megazord figure when you’ve completed your Movie Legacy Figure collection.

Legacy Movie Power Coins

(Coming Fall of 2017)

The Power Rangers are back in the Power Rangers Movie and so are their Power Coins! With the revival of the Power Rangers franchise and the release of the feature film comes a new set of the iconic coins of power that started it all. Every coin is a faithful reproduction of its film counterpart, each highlighting a different Zord; Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Mastodon, Saber-tooth Tiger, and T-Rex. The set comes complete with its own sleek display case featuring lights to illuminate the coins as the Morphin Gird pulses through them.

Legacy Movie Red Ranger Helmet
(Coming Fall of 2017)

Cosplay as the Red Ranger from the Saban's Power Ranger Movie in a full-scale wearable Power Ranger helmet designed for long-lasting comfortable cosplay wear, this 1:1 ratio helmet can also be placed on display as a highly detailed replica.


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