Child Movie Classic Costumes

These standard Classic Power Rangers Movie costumes feature the Ranger’s suits and helmet masks.

Child Movie Deluxe Costumes

These Deluxe Child Costumes feature the Ranger’s Movie Suits with muscle padding and helmet masks.

Child Movie Prestige Costumes

The Prestige Child Costumes come fully packed with all that’s needed to become the Red Ranger or the Megazord. They come with helmets that cover a child’s head, but can be easily retracted, full muscle padded suits, weapon accessories, gloves and boots.

Child Helmet Masks

These Child masks allow kids to quickly morph into their favorite Ranger, and they easily slip on and off via their elastic band.

Child Ranger Gloves

These Child gloves allow kids to morph their hands into the gloves worn by the Power Rangers in the movie.

Child Accessory Kits

These Child Accessory Kits include Ranger Helmet Masks, gloves and clip on Power Morpher.

Power Sword Weapon Accessory

This Power Sword accessory is just about two feet long and is good for kids to carry around and

complete their Ranger outfit.

Adult Body Suits

These Adult Body Suits allow grown up to become Movie Rangers quickly and easily. The one piece suits feature all the details of the movie suits, and slip on and off quickly.

Adult Deluxe Costumes

The Adult Deluxe Costumes feature muscle body suits, and full plastic helmets.

Adult Helmets

The Adult Helmets are full size and cover the head completely.

Adult Gloves

The Adult Gloves feature the details of the movie suit gloves.


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