Linear Ranger's Final

Thoughts & Thanks

Well another season of Power Rangers has come and gone, and now it’s time for my usual final thoughts, and thank yous.

Operation Overdrive lived up to all of my expectations.  It proved itself to be an awesome season, with great performances, terrific on going storylines, and great adventure.  The quest for the Crown & its jewels made the perfect continuing story for the season, and in doing so, made great use of the “Precious” from Boukenger.  While it didn’t have the power to take over the top spot from S.P.D. for me, it still makes it into one of the top five Power Rangers Seasons for me personally.

So now I’d like to continue onto thanking everyone involved with Operation Overdrive, and we’ll start with the Ranger Cast.

Thanks to James Maclurcan for helping bring a great Red Ranger to life.  Through James’ tremendous talents, Mack was shown to be a true leader, a good friend and valiant human being.

A big shout out thank you goes to Mr. Samuell Benta for his great portrayal of Will.  Samuell made everything about Will come to life and stand out as the smooth & confident Black Ranger.

A great job done by Gareth Yuen in his role of Dax.  With Gareth’s work, Dax’s exuberance for life and being a Ranger rubbed off, and made the show all the more enjoyable.

A wonderful performance by Caitlin Murphy, in playing Ronny.  Thanks to Caitlin, Ronny’s excitement & caring heart added the special touch needed for Operation Overdrive.

An outstanding thanks to Rhoda Montemayor in her portrayal of Rose.  Through Rhonda’s work, Rose shown through as a Ranger who was more than just a genius, she was a caring and fun loving Ranger too.

A tremendous job done by Dwayne Cameron in his role as Tyzonn.  It was great to see how much Dwayne has grown in acting from a Bully in Dino Thunder, an Officer gone bad in SPD, and finally becoming a Ranger in Operation Overdrive.  A great job done by Dwaye in Tyzonn’s emotional past, and life saving nature.

Rod Lousich did an outstanding job playing Mr. Andrew Hartford.  With Rod’s excellent performances, he gave true life to a loving father, who while making mistakes in his life, still cared for those around him.

A standing ovation to David Weatherley as Spencer.  Thanks to Mr. Weatherley’s skills & talents, Spencer was the stern & gentle aide to the team, and always there to help knock the Rangers back to their senses.  Also, thanks again to David for giving us the voice of the Fear Cat Benglo.

It was great to have Nic Sampson (Chip Thorn from Mystic Force for those that didn’t know) return as the voice of the Sentinel Knight.  Mr. Sampson’s voice added the perfect regal tone needed for the Sentinel Knight.

A Yeti sized thanks goes to the man of a million faces, Mr. Kelson Henderson as Norg.  It was great to have Kelson return for a third consecutive season, though while not an ally until the end, Norg proved to be a great point of humor and enjoyment throughout Operation Overdrive.  Plus, a great job was done my Kelson in lending his great voice talents to that of the Fear Cat Mig.

A great performance by Gerald Urquhart as Flurious.  Though the icy villain may not have appeared as much as I would have liked, when he was on screen, Mr. Urquhart helped bring the cold and heartless villain to life, quite perfectly.

Thanks goes to Ria Vandervis for her wonderful performance as Miratrix.  Ms Vandervis helped the cunning and ruthless villainess stand out as a great enemy in the season.

Thanks to both Mark Ferguson & Adam Gardiner for their voice work for outstanding Moltor & Kamdor.

As always, the writing & production crew deserve just as much thanks for their tireless efforts.  Bruce Kalish, Koichi Sakamoto & Jackie Marchand helped bring together an awesome season of Power Rangers that inspired and encouraged.  But the thanks doesn’t just end with them, the entire crew of set & prop builders, costumer designers & makers, make up department, vehicle makers and EVERYONE, from the studios in New Zealand, to the Disney offices in the US.  You all helped make Power Rangers Operation Overdrive what is was, and you all deserve a great deal of thanks.  Everyone’s hard work really shown through this year, you did an excellent job and I thank you for it.

To all the actors & actresses, I wish you all the very best in all of your future endeavors.  For the Writing & Production Staff, again my deepest thanks.  Now as another season has come to an end, we begin looking forward to the next journey you’ll be taking us on.  I anxiously await February’s arrival so that the adventure can start again, as Power Rangers Jungle Fury begins.

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