Overdrive Episodes
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0.  Special Presentation:
Behind The Scenes of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Premiered on February 16, 2007
- - -James (Mack) takes us on a tour Behind The Scenes of Operation Overdrive. 

1.  Kick Into Overdrive Part I
Premiered Online on February 26, 2007
Premiered on Jetix on February 26, 2007

- - -After finding the Crown of the Gods, Andrew Hartford sets out to recruit a team to become his Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.  However, when evil arrives on Earth in search of the Crown, Hartford's own son Mack, ends up being the one to step up to the role as Red Ranger.

2.  Kick Into Overdrive Part II
Premiered Online on February 26, 2007
Premiered on Jetix on February 26, 2007

- - -The new team of Rangers must save the city from a lava flow that Moltor has caused.  Plus, after Andrew Hartford is captured, the Rangers must save him and deal with a giant Sea Creature, that Moltor unleashes.

3.  The Underwater World
Premiered on March 5, 2007

- - -After Mr. Hartford discovers what he believes to be the Lost City of Atlantis, the Rangers go to investigate.  But Will isn't too hot on the idea of still having to work as a team, and would rather go at it alone.  

4.  Heart Of Blue
Premiered on March 12, 2007

- - -The Rangers are out on the search for the other two Scrolls of Neptune.  However, they must deal with a new evil group that is in search of them as well.

5.  Weather Or Not
Premiered on March 19, 2007

- - -Moltor unleashes his weather machine on the Earth.  Meanwhile, Mack doubts his Ranger skills after failing do succeed in his part of a mission.

6.  Pirate In Pink
Premiered on March 26, 2007

- - -The Rangers make their way to the haunted island of Saint Lucia, where they meet up with the ghost pirate Brown Beard.  But Miratrix is right behind them, in search of the same jewel.

7.  At All Cost
Premiered on April 2, 2007

- - -Ronny's "Have To Win" attitude starts to take it's toll on her team mates.  Meanwhile, Moltor has created his Vulcon monster, and is after a Dragon Scale to make him unstoppable.

8.  Both Sides Now
Premiered on April 9, 2007

- - -The Rangers are now searching for the Hou-Ou Bird, but they also have to deal with Will going rouge and joining up with Kamdor and Miratrix.

9.  Follow The Ranger
Premiered Online on April 30, 2007
Premiered on April 30, 2007

- - -Moltor and Flurious decide to team up and ambush the Rangers, in attempt to capture the DriveMax Megazord.

10.  Lights, Camera, DAX
Premiered on May 7, 2007

- - -While Dax deals with his responsibilities as a Ranger, Miratrix and Kamdor try to figure out the secrets of the Parchment.

11.  Face To Face Part I
Premiered on May 14, 2007

- - -Moltor sends his prisoner, Tyzonn, to steal the Parchment with Bullox.  During the battle for the relic, Mack realizes that Tyzonn is not evil.

12.  Face To Face Part II
Premiered Online on May 16, 2007
Premiered on May 21, 2007

- - -Tyzonn and the Rangers work together to find the Touro Diamond.  Plus, the team must combine all their Zord together to form the DriveMax Ultrazord, in order to take down Bullox.

13.  Man Of Mercury Part I
Premiered Online on May 28, 2007
Premiered on June 4, 2007

- - -The Fear Cats have arrived on Earth.  The Rangers and Tyzonn find them.   But the beasts power is too strong and Tyzonn is injured during the battle.

14.  Man Of Mercury Part II
Premiered on June 4, 2007

- - -Tyzonn is saved thanks to Ronny and Mr. Hartford.  But now the Fear Cats have more power thanks to Flurious.  Tyzonn must  forgive himself over the past, and join the team as the Mercury Ranger.

15.  Behind The Scenes
Premiered Online on June 4, 2007
Premiered on June 11, 2007

- - -After the Rangers appear on Good Morning San Angeles, they must then face off against the forces of the Fear Cats and their giant robot. 

16.  Just Like Me
Premiered on June 18, 2007

- - -When Tyzonn begins to act just like Will, it starts to interfer with the Ranger's mission of finding the Hammer or Mjolnir.

17.  It's Hammer Time
Premiered on July 2, 2007

- - -With Loki, the God of mischief, steals Thor's Hammer, Ronny impersonates Goddess Freya to get the hammer back.

18.  Out Of Luck
Premiered on July 9, 2007

- - -When an enchanted compass brings bad luck to the Red Ranger, and other have to help him get through it, plus get the compass back.

19.  One Gets Away
Premiered Online on July 9, 2007
Premiered on July 16, 2007

- - -After Will loses on of the Jewels of the Corona, he resigns from Operation Overdrive.

20.  Once A Ranger Part I
Premiered Online on July 16, 2007
Premiered on July 23, 2007

- - -Thrax unites the villains in Operation Overdrive against the Rangers.  After defeating them in battle, Thrax severs the teams connection to the Morphing Grid.  With the Jewels of the Corona Aurora in danger, Sentinel Knight gathers a new team of Rangers to protect the Jewels.

21.  Once A Ranger Part II
Premiered on July 23, 2007

- - -The Veteran Rangers head to Angel Grove to retrieve the one thing capable of repairing the Morphing Grid.  Meanwhile, Mack goes in search of Excelsior, in order to protect the Sentinel Knight.  

22.  One Fine Day
Premiered on August 6, 2007

- - -The Rangers are given a day off, but that day of relaxation is short lived with the Fear Cats plan to unearth an ancient torch.

23.  Ronny On Empty Part I
Premiered Online August 13, 2007
Premiered on August 20, 2007

- - -Ronny and Will are captured by Moltor & the Fear Cats.  Meanwhile the other Rangers must journey to Egypt to research a Scarab Beetle.  

24.  Ronny On Empty Part II
Premiered Online August 20, 2007
Premiered on August 27, 2007

- - -Will goes back to rescue Ronny, while the other Rangers recover an Egyptian Tablet.  Once reunited, the Rangers must use the Battlefleet Megazord to take down Moltor's Dino Robot.

25.  Things Not Said
Premiered Online September 3, 2007
Premiered on September 10, 2007

- - -Mack's true origins are revealed, leaving him doubting himself.  But with the others in trouble against a massive monster army of Kamdor's, Mack must rejoin the fight & use the new weapon technology Rose has created.

26.  Red Ranger Unplugged
Premiered on October 1, 2007

- - -When Mig & Benglo enlist the help of Crazar, another Fear Cat, it stirs up old feelings and memories in Tyzonn.  Plus, Mack begins some soul searching to try and find out who he really is.

27.  Home And Away Part I
Premiered Online October 2, 2007
Premiered on October 8, 2007

- - -The Fear Cats being making their final play to destroy the Earth.  Meanwhile, Tyzonn gets injured in battle and wakes up to find that his life as a Ranger never existed.

28.  Home And Away Part II
Premiered Online October 9, 2007
Premiered on October 15, 2007

- - -With the Megazords badly damaged, Mack decides to use the Flashpoint against the Fear Cats.  Tyzonn soon realizes that the world he awoke to is not as it seems.

29.  Way Back When
Premiered on October 22, 2007

- - -When the Rangers need to go over their adventures and find out who has what Jewel, Mack plugs into the computer system to bring everyone up to date.

30.  Two Fallen Foes
Premiered Online October 23, 2007
Premiered on October 29, 2007

- - -Kamdor makes his final move in hopes of getting the fifth Jewel of the Corona.

31.  Nothing To Lose
Premiered on November 5, 2007

- - -Moltor tries to obtain the Tri-Dragon Key, but the Rangers stand in his way.  Mack decides that it's time to get the Crown back and takes on Moltor in the volcano.

32.  Crown And Punishment
Premiered in the UK November 11, 2007
Premiered on November 12, 2007

- - -Flurious gains the full power of the Corona Aurora and it's up to the Power Rangers to put a stop to him once and for all.

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