01.  "Day of the Dumpster"
Returned to TV on January 2, 2010
---After Rita Repulsa and her army are accidentally released from a dumpster on the moon, Zordon & Alpha 5 must select five teenagers with attitude to become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

02.  "High Five"
Returned to TV on January 2, 2010
---Trini must face her fear of heights as she fights off Putties.  Rita sends down the monster Bones to attack the Rangers and tries to trap them in a time warp.

03.  "Team Work"
Returned to TV on January 9, 2010
---The girls try to have a toxic waste dump shut down, but Rita sends down the Minotaur Monster to keep the team separated.  The Rangers must unite and use their new Power Weapons in order to win.

04.  "A Pressing Engagement"
Returned to TV on January 9, 2010
---As Jason tries to break a bench press record, Rita decides to try and separate him from the others.  She sends down King Sphinx and Goldar to battle the Red Ranger.

05.  "Different Drum"
Returned to TV on January 16, 2010
---Rita send the Gnarly Gnome to Earth to lure the Rangers into a trap.  Our heroes must help save some captured teenagers with the help of Kimberly's deaf friend.

06.  "Food Fight"
Returned to TV on January 16, 2010
---When the Pudgy Pig monster attacks the city, the Rangers have to come up with a way to fight off this porker, and save the world's food supply. 

07.  "Big Sisters"
Returned to TV on January 23, 2010
---Kimberley & Trini become big sisters for a mischievous young girl named Maria.  But Rita soon hatches a plan to obtain the Power Eggs and she kidnaps the girl to help her.  

08.  "Switching Places"
Returned to TV on January 30, 2010
---A machine of Billy's accidentally causes Billy & Kimberly to switch minds.  With the added menace of Rita's evil Genie, the Rangers have their hands full.

09.  "I, Eye Guy"
Returned to TV on February 6, 2010
---When Billy's young scientific friend Willy is kidnapped by Rita's Eye Guy monster, the Rangers must save save him by defeating the ocular beast.

10.  "Foul Play in the Sky"
Returned to TV on February 13, 2010
---Kimberly goes on a airborne sightseeing trip with her Uncle Steve, but thanks to Rita's plans, Uncle Steve Passes out.  Meanwhile the other Rangers have to deal with the Snizard monster.

11.  "For Whom the Bell Trolls"
Returned to TV on February 20, 2010
---Rita brings Trini's favorite doll to life and send him to Earth to capture objects in his goody bottle.

12.  "Happy Birthday, Zack"
Returned to TV on February 27, 2010
---The teens plan a surprise birthday part for Zack, but when Zack thinks his friends have forgotten his big day, it bums him out.  To make matters worse, Rita sends the Nasty Knight to battle the Black Ranger.

13.  "No Clowning Around"
Returned to TV on March 27, 2010
---A town carnival turns out to be one of Rita's evil traps.  She has the Pineoctopus monster turn Trini's cousin Silvia into cardboard.  The Rangers have to keep the city safe, as well as return Silvia to normal. 

14.  "Green With Evil Part I"
Returned to TV on April 3, 2010
---Tommy, a new kid, comes to down and when Rita sees his martial arts skills, she captures him and turns him into her evil Green Ranger.  He takes down the Command Center and cuts the Rangers connection to Zordon off. 

15.  "Green With Evil Part II"
Returned to TV on April 10, 2010
---Tommy is tested and receives the Sword of Darkness.  He also manages to transport Jason to the Dark Dimension where Goldar is waiting for the powerless Ranger.

16.  "Green With Evil Part III"
Returned to TV on May 8, 2010
---Jason must continue his battle for survival against Goldar in the Dark Dimension, and then face off against the Green Ranger.  Meanwhile, Rita summons her old friend Scorpina to help in the battle against the Power Rangers.

17.  "Green With Evil Part IV"
Returned to TV on May 22, 2010
---The Rangers must do battle in the Megazord against Goldar, Scorpina and the giant Green Ranger.  But with Rita's magic, she creates an eclipse to block out the Megazord's solar energy.

18.  "Green With Evil Part V"
Returned to TV on June 5, 2010
---When Rita summons the Dragonzord for the Green Ranger to command, the final battle is on.  Zordon is brought back and the Rangers face the evil Green Ranger for the final time.

19.  "The Trouble with Shellshock"
Returned to TV on July 17, 2010
---Squat and Baboo create the Shellshock monster to destroy the Power Rangers.  With the Yellow Ranger in constant motion, and the Black, Blue & Pink Rangers frozen, it's up to the Red & Green Rangers to save the day.

20.  "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
Returned to TV on July 17, 2010
---Rita uses a fake Forest Spirit Statue to sneak her Spider Monster down to Earth with Sleeping Powder Moths.  Zack quickly catches onto the plan and the Rangers have to destroy the Spider.

21.  "Power Ranger Punks"
Returned to TV on July 24, 2010
---Baboo creates a potion that turns Billy & Kimberly into punks.  Meanwhile Rita sends down the Terror Toad to chew the Rangers up.

22.  "The Spit Flower"
Returned to TV on July 24, 2010
---After wrecking Kimberly's model for the Peace Parade, Rita sends down the Spit Flower Monster to wreck the city.

23.  "Life's a Masquerade"
Returned to TV on July 31, 2010
---When the teens attend a costume party, Rita sends her Frankenstein monster down to keep the Rangers busy while her minors gather the Super Putty Clay.

24.  "Gung Ho!"
Returned to TV on July 31, 2010
---In order to compete in the ninja finals, Jason & Tommy have to learn to work together.  To make matter worse, Rita sends down her new team of Super Putties to attack the city.

25.  "Island of Illusion Part I"
Returned to TV on August 7, 2010
---When Zack begins to doubt his skills before the dance contest, Rita takes the chance to call forth Mutitus and Lokar & sends the Rangers to the island of illusion.

26.  "Island of Illusion Part II"
Returned to TV on August 7, 2010
---The Rangers must learn to believe in themselves in order to escape the island and then they still have to battle against Rita's evil monsters.

27.  "Wheel of Misfortune"
Returned to TV on August 14, 2010
---Rita steals Kimberly's antique spinning wheel and turns it into destructive wheel bent on destroying the Power Rangers.

28.  "Peace, Love and Woe"
Returned to TV on August 14, 2010
---Billy falls for a smart girl named Marge, but things go wrong when Rita sends down Madame Woe to fight the Power Rangers.

29.  "Dark Warrior"
Returned to TV on August 21, 2010
---Billy is looking to gain some self confidence with martial arts.  So Trini's Uncle Howard, who is also a scientist, lends a hand.  But Rita's evil Dark Warrior has other plans.

30.  "The Rockstar"
Returned to TV on August 21, 2010
---While the others go on a field trip, Jason stay behind to spend time with his cousin Jeremy.  But Rita sends down Scorpina to find the Mirror of Destruction, with the help of the Rockstar.

31.  "Calamity Kimberly"
Returned to TV on August 28, 2010
---When Kimberly is having a bad day, Rita plans to make it worse by sending down the Samurai Fanman monster to capture her.

32.  "A Star is Born"
Returned to TV on August 28, 2010
---While Tommy auditions for a karate commercial, the others try to enjoy a day at the beach.  But they are interrupted by Scorpina and her Worm Monster, as well as the giant Babe Ruthless monster.


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