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Jungle Fury Toy Releases

Here you can find an up-to-date listing of Jungle Fury Toys that have been released, and will be released. 

The following is a check list of all Jungle Fury Toys known thus far.

White Text = Released and widely available.
Red Text = Newly released
Purple Text = Not Yet Released

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Jungle Fury
Spring Line Toys
Jungle Fury
Fall Line Toys
5 Inch Sound Fury Action Figures:
  • Sound Fury Tiger Ranger

  • Sound Fury Jaguar Ranger

  • Jungle Fury Cheetah Ranger

  • Sound Fury Elephant Ranger

  • Sound Fury Bat Ranger

  • Sound Fury Shark Ranger

  • Jungle Fury Evil Space Alien (Dai Shi)

  • Jungle Fury Melle & Flit

Special 5 Inch Limited Edition Figures:
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
    Lord Zedd

5 Inch Animalized Action Figures:
  • Animalized Tiger Ranger

  • Animalized Jaguar Ranger

  • Animalized Elephant Ranger

  • Animalized Shark Ranger

  • Animalized Bat Ranger

  • Animalized Gorilla Ranger

  • Animalized Gazelle Ranger

5 Inch Savage Spin Action Figures:
  • Savage Spin Tiger Ranger

  • Savage Spin Jaguar Ranger

  • Savage Spin Elephant Ranger

  • Savage Spin Shark Ranger

  • Savage Spin Bat Ranger

5 Inch Battle Fury Action Figures:
  • Battle Fury Tiger Ranger

  • Battle Fury Jaguar Ranger

6.5 Inch  Animorphin' Action Figures:
  • Animorphin' Tiger Ranger

  • Animorphin' Jaguar Ranger

  • Animorphin' Elephant Ranger

  • Animorphin' Bat Ranger

  • Animorphin' Shark Ranger

11 Inch Mega Action Figures:
  • Mega Tiger Ranger

  • Mega Jaguar Ranger

  • Mega Shark Ranger

Micro Animal Zord Sets:
  • Set A

  • Set B

  • Set C

Fury Cycles / Fury Strike Riders:

  • Red Tiger Strike Rider

  • Blue Jaguar Strike Rider

  • Green Elephant Strike Rider

  • Black Bat Strike Rider

  • Blue Shark Striker Rider

Roar Vehicles:

  • Red Thunder Roar Vehicle

  • Blue Thunder Roar Vehicle

DELUXE Megazords:

  • Jungle Pride Megazord

  • Jungle Master Megazord

Transforming Megazords:

  • Beast Master Megazord

  • Jungle Pride Megazord

  • Roar Max Megazord


  • Solar Morpher

  • Wolf Ranger Morpher


  • Tiger Battle Claws

  • Jungle "Tonfah" Staff

5 Inch Jungle Master Action Figures:
  • Jungle Master Tiger Ranger

  • Jungle Master Jaguar Ranger

  • Jungle Master Cheetah Ranger

  • Jungle Master Wolf Ranger

  • Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger

  • Jungle Master Elephant Ranger

  • Jungle Master Bat Ranger

  • Jungle Master Shark Ranger

Special 5 Inch Limited Edition Figures:
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers White Ranger

  • Power Rangers Zeo 
    Gold Ranger

5 Inch Beast Morphin Action Figures:

  • Beast Morphin Tiger Ranger

  • Beast Morphin Jaguar Ranger

  • Beast Morphin Wolf Ranger

  • Beast Morphin Rhino Ranger

  • Beast Morphin  Dai Shi

6.5 Inch  Animorphin' Action Figures:
  • Animorphin' Gorilla Ranger

  • Animorphin' Gazelle Ranger

  • Animorphin' Wolf Ranger

  • Animorphin' Rhino Ranger

  • Animorphin' Jungle Master Shark Ranger

  • Animorphin' Jungle Master Bat Ranger

Micro Animal Zord Sets:
  • Set D

  • Set E

  • Set F

Battle Bikes:

  • Tiger Battle Bike

  • Jaguar Battle Bike

  • Wolf Battle Bike

  • Rhino Battle Bike

  • Bat Battle Bike

Battle Cruiser Vehicles:

  • Jungle Master Battle Cruiser

  • Jungle Predator Battle Cruiser

Transforming Megazords:

  • Battle Megazord

  • Rhino Steel Megazord


  • Rhino Ranger Morpher


  • Air Blaster (Claw Cannon)

  • Rhino Blade

  • Jungle Master Claws

  • Mega Mission Helmet



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