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Well the 16th season of Power Rangers has now come and gone, and in keeping with my usual tradition, here are Linear Rangerís Final Thoughts & Thank Yous for Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


Iíll start with my final thoughts on Jungle Fury.  I kept my knowledge of the Japanese Gekiranger series down to a minimum, not wanting to spoil myself on how Jungle Fury would go, and Iím quite pleased with the way this season played out.  In a few ways, it almost seemed to hearken back to the old days of Power Rangers; with RJ inventing weapons or working on them, and the Rangers actually having to train & master skills before getting news levels or gear.  The grouped story arcs played out very good.  The Jarrod & Dai Shi conflict was handled really well.  I really enjoyed that, except for the final episode, the Masters were kept as humans, and not human like animals.  All the characters were very relatable, and at times I found myself being just as interested in Jarrod & Camille, as I was the Rangers.  Granted there were a few episodes that just didnít seem to move things along, or tried to hard on the message, but overall, the season was a success for me.  Overall, I give it a B+.

Now on to all the thanks

Thanks to Jason Smith (Casey) for giving us a Red Ranger, that while perhaps didnít feel ready for such a large task, came through no matter what the test.  The real human emotion of having self doubt was well done thanks to Mr. Smith.

Aljin Abella (Theo) gave us a great Blue Ranger, who while stern and strict, also had the supportive nature that all Rangers show.  It was a great performance by Mr. Abella, since Iím like Theo in always trying to juggle many tasks at once.

Thank you to Anna Hutchinson (Lily) for a superb Yellow Ranger, with a great spirit and attitude.   Ms. Hutchinsonís portrayal of Lily was very enjoyable to watch, and to really great seeing someone who always seeks the best in people.

David de Lautour (RJ) did an excellent job as one of the best Power Rangers Mentors weíve had.  His performance of the cool, calm and Zen style master was always enjoyable and humorous.  But it was also really educational as well.

A job well done to Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic) for bringing to life a Ranger of self discovery, fun & intelligence.  While he may not have gotten as many focus episodes as the others, those shows that did focus on him, Mr. Nikolaeff made great.

The Rangers are nothing without a great ally, and Sarah Thomson (Fran) filled that role perfectly.  It was great to see Ms. Thomson take Fran from a shy book nerd, whom we may have thought dorky at first, to a real caring and thoughtful friend.

Bede Skinner (Jarrod) deserves double the thanks, since he had to basically have two personalities.  Mr. Skinner performed wonderfully in giving us not only a good villain, but a human, hurt early in life, and wanting badly to reclaim his life.

It was great to have Holly Shanahan (Camille) back in Power Rangers.  It was enjoyable to see Ms. Shanahan portray Camille as not only a strong and independent warrior, but also as a caring person, willing to sacrifice herself for the one she cares for.

It just wouldnít be a modern Power Rangers season without Kelson Henderson (Flit).  I admit that Flit was far from my favorite part of the show at the start, by no fault of Mr. Henderson.  But as time passed, it really was good to have Flitís retorts, and him help RJ on occasion.

Also, I have to thank the Masters.  Nathaniel Lees (Master Mao), Bruce Allpress (Master Phant), Oliver Driver (Master Swoop), Paul Gittins (Master Finn), Stig Eldred (Master Rilla), Andrew Laing (Master Lope), and the return of Michelle Langstone (Master Guin).  All of you did an excellent job as the great teachers and instructors for the Rangers.

But no show would go on without the Producers.  So a big thanks as always goes to Koichi Sakamoto, Jackie Marchand, and Bruce Kalish.  You all did another great job in delivering a good Power Rangers season.  To Mr. Kalish, for four seasons youíve had to endure some harsh words from the Power Rangers fandom.  Some criticisms were respectful and constructive, while others are better left unsaid.  Personally, I enjoyed all your work on Power Rangers, some seasons more than others, but I know you and your entire crew gave 100% of your effort into making each season the best it could be.  While you have now moved on from Power Rangers, I wish you the best of luck with ďAaron StoneĒ, and Iíll be watching for it come 2009 on Disney XD.  For Jackie & Koichi, there have been rumors that youíve been replaced and the RPM crew is completely new.  I hope this isnít true, but if it is, I again thank you for your service, and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Finally, to every single individual that worked on Power Rangers in any way.  From the production assistants to the executives at Disney & Buena Vista, you all played important roles in bringing Power Rangers Jungle Fury to life, and I thank you all.

And so, with season 16 now in the history books, we can now begin to focus our attention to season 17, Power Rangers RPM.  To the cast & crew of RPM, I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us come 2009.  Till then, thanks again everyone, it was a blast.

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