“6.5” Legacy Figures - Series 3 Review”

April 25, 2017

The Third Series of Power Rangers Legacy Figures have now made their way to mass retail store shelves. These figures continue to prove just how incredible this line is.

Mighty Morpin Power Rangers Legacy White Ranger Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Yellow Ranger Legacy Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Build-A-Megazord Megazord Legacy Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Figures Group Shots

Power Rangers In Space Pink Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers In Space Blue Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers In Space Black Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers In Space Build-A-Megazord Astro Megazord Legacy Figure

Power Rangers In Space Legacy Figures Group Shots

These action figures continue to be my all time favorite Ranger figures from Bandai. They are amazing items, from their articulation, to the paint jobs, to the sturdy feeling of them. I honestly cannot complain about these action figures.

The plastic and sheer feeling of these figures is incredible. I cannot stress enough how strong they feel in your hands. No matter how much you handle, pose, or play with them, you never feel like they are going to break. The articulation brings all of these figures to life, allowing for some truly amazing & life like poses. It’s so much fun trying to find new poses for the toys, to give just the perfect action stance. Like the Series 2 & Movie sets, these figures have more a clicking ratchet joints to them.

The detailing is superb. Mighty Morphin Yellow features an accurate white belt. So if you want, you’ll need to paint your Series 2 Mighty Morphin Pink, Blue & Black belts white. There are only tiny, insignificant areas that are really lacking paint applications. Overall, all five figures look great and really capture the way the Ranger suits look from the show.

The weapons are still an area of contention for some. Personally, I’m fine with the In Space Rangers just coming with their Astro Blasters. They too are painted well and lend themselves to some fun action shots. The Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger still only comes with the Blade Blaster in it’s Holster Mode, but as I’ve said before, the 5” Legacy Figure weapons work just fine with these larger Legacy Figures. The Saba that comes with the Mighty Morphin White Ranger is spot on with every detail. If you do want a set of core five Mighty Morphin Legacy Rangers with weapons, Toys R Us will have the Morphin Metallic Legacy Figures coming later this year. 

I am extremely happy to finally be able to have a complete Build-A-Megazord Dino Megazord & Astro Megazord. Now that these two are finished, they look great. Yes they do lack the level of detail that the Rangers themselves have, but they still have a lot to offer. The articulation in both is good, allowing for great stances. Their balance is excellent as well. It’s great to finally be able to give the Power Sword from the 2016 SDCC Exclusive to the finished Megazord, as it really adds even more fun to the figure.

I cannot give these Legacy Figures enough praise. They are fun to collect and pose, they are sturdy and strong for kids to play with, they have great detailing & articulation, and they are only $20 each. I still highly recommend fans & collectors support this line. As before, these are Limited Edition figures, so once they are gone from stores, you likely won’t be seeing them again.

Final Rating:

Five out of Five

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