“Power Rangers Movie Review”

March 29, 2017

The Power Rangers Movie has been playing in theaters for nearly a week now, and I have seen it seven times…thus far. So with seven viewings under my belt, I think I can now put together a review of the film. Though to be fair, coming into this movie as a massive fan, I was destined to love it. Also, I will try to keep from mentioning any major spoilers.


The movie team took the original Mighty Morphin story and made it modern. This movie really does tell a great story of five teenagers with attitude. It’s a coming of age tale, a tale of growth and of unity. There’s just so much packed into the movie, but it never feels bogged down. From the opening scene to the final credit, everything feels important. Everything feels vital. There is not one single scene that I feel is a good moment for a restroom break, as each scene just adds & builds onto the next one. This isn’t Power Rangers like you’ve seen before, but a more grounded and realistic take. Granted there’s still your action, adventure and fantasy elements, but they are introduced into this new world perfectly. Plus, the movie does an excellent job of creating this new Power Rangers universe & mythology. By the time the final scene plays, you feel like you have been on a wonderful ride, and if you’re like me, you want to take the ride again several more times.


The film has a more mature tone it than the show, and far more so than more recent seasons. It is nothing like the garbage “fan film” that came out online, but instead focuses on just getting things right. The feeling throughout the film is showing what five real life teens would likely go through, if their lives were thrown into this world of good vs. evil. I mentioned before that the movie is a ride, and I can better explain that here. The feelings and tones you go through run the gambit. You go from action, to drama, to suspense, to comedy, back to action, more drama, and so forth. It’s a great rollercoaster for your emotions.


Outstanding! These five actors are perfect. They really bring these teenagers to life, and truly give them the attitudes they need. Jason is a jock, but the kind that you really do want as your best friend. Billy is the loyal nerd and heart of the team. Kimberly is shunned cheerleader forced into finding her new identity. Zack is the rebel always looking for an adrenaline rush. Trini is the loner who never wants to open up. All five Rangers bring something unique to the team, and all five prove vital in the mission. I promise you, if you don’t find yourself relating to at least one of these Rangers at some point in the movie, then there is something missing in your life. I found myself relating to something in all of them.


The Rangers are nothing without their mentor and robotic assistant. However, this time around Zordon is not a wise sage. Instead, Zordon has been dormant for 65 million years, and has only now been awoken. This leads to a number of clashes between he and the Rangers. Zordon himself has to grow and learn to work with the team, instead of just expecting them get everything right the first time around. Most importantly, Zordon has to learn the true meaning of sacrifice. As for Alpha, he is terrific. Where the series version was just there for some light humor and techno assistance, this Alpha 5 provides the Rangers with training, knowledge and some fun humor too. Both Bryan Cranston & Bill Hader are superb in their roles.


Heroes are only as good as the villains they must face. Rita is a very menacing villain. From the beginning, this version of Rita is hands on. She is not just having others do her dirty work, she is taking care of business herself. Elizabeth Banks brings an outstanding balance of creepy and viciousness to Rita. She is never to be taken lightly as she is fully capable to taking on the Rangers in combat herself. Gondar is more of general monster in the movie, but that is not bad. He’s brought forth by Rita and given life as her minion. His looks are not going to appeal to everyone, but I like the approach they took. He’s still a powerful and a worthy adversary for the Rangers.


If you go in expecting the Rangers to be morphed and fighting in twenty minutes, you’re in for a disappointment. This is a character movie, and so the main action comes in final act. That is not to say there are not other moments of action. You’ll see car chases, training, and fights with Rita, all before the final showdown. The climatic battle is great at showing off the Rangers in their suits and using their own unique fighting styles. The Zords really do take things to the next level and give the feeling of looming danger in the fight. The battle again highlights how this team of teenagers have to really work together as one in order to win.


AMAZING! I know others have said they enjoyed the movie, but admit that it is not perfect. But for me, the film is perfect. It delivered everything I could ever want out of a Power Rangers Movie. The best way for me to describe it is like this. Have you ever known someone who fell in love with someone, but you could not understand why? You wonder what they see in that person? Well, my love for Power Rangers is like that. For countless years I have seen the potential that Power Rangers had in it. This movie was that potential coming out and being showcased. I knew Power Rangers was capable to telling a story that respected the audience, tugged at the hearts, and charged the spirit. This truly is now my favorite movie. Like I said, I’ve seen it seven times, and I plan on seeing it even more.


Where do we go from here? Well I sincerely hope that there will be sequels announced soon. There are certainly scenes that lend themselves to preparing for those. We know there were some scenes cut from the film, so I hope those make their way onto the extras section of the Blu-Ray release. There is a graphic novel out now from Boom Studios. It is called “Aftershock” and it takes places shortly after the events of the movie. It’s a good enough story for showing how Angel Grove and the nation are coming to grips with attacking alien monsters and a team of armored super heroes. It has some good elements that show how Angel Grove still is not completely out of danger. What I would truly love to see is a CGI animated series. If Saban Brands & Lionsgate could create something along the same lines & tone as the Voltron Legendary Defender series, I think it could far surpass the interest of the live action Power Rangers series. This brand new Power Rangers universe is new, it’s unique and it is not bogged down by Japanese footage and story. I think it may be time to capitalize on it, and perhaps let the live action show come to an end.

So if you have not yet seen the Power Rangers Movie, go see it. It is well worth your time and money. Even for just the casual moviegoer, you’re likely to have an enjoyable time.



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