“Power Rangers Movie Legacy Figures Review”

February 23, 2017

The Legacy Figures continue to impress me, and these Toys R Us Exclusive Movie Figures are no exception. While not completely perfect, I still feel they are the best movie figures available.

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Red Ranger Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Pink Ranger Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Blue Ranger Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Yellow Ranger Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Black Ranger Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Alpha 5 Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Build-A-Megazord Figure

Power Rangers Movie Legacy Figures

The feel of the figures are just as strong as the normal Legacy line. The articulation is superb and allows for a great deal of poses, even with them having a bit more limits than the others. They have the usual ankle joints, double jointed knees, thigh swivels, hip joints, waste swivel, ab joint, shoulder joints, double jointed elbows, and standard head swivel. The Pink & Yellow Rangers do have bicep swivels, but the Red, Blue & Black Rangers do not. This is likely due to the shoulder armor being larger on the male Rangers. All the figures also suffer a bit from the back “butt” armor. This limits some of the leg movement. The girls can take  bit more time to pose, due to the smaller legs and feet. Even with these minor issues, you can still get some epic stances from all the figures. Alpha has a good deal of articulation as well in his ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrist and head.

All the details are moulded into place on the figures. They are incredible replications of the movie suits and designs. The Rangers are missing some applications of silver paint, but that may be Lionsgate’s fault for not having the designs complete when Bandai needed to go into production. I do wish there was just a bit of silver paint on the Ranger’s shins, but I don’t think it takes too much away. It would been neat if Alpha could have been given a space like look in his dome head. Still, the figures all look tremendous.

The Red Ranger is the only figure to come with an actual weapon. He comes with the his Power Sword that can be held in his hand. I would have liked if the others would have come with “Power Punch” style attacks that the 5” figures come with. Or maybe give each Ranger figure their own Power Sword. That would have been nice too.

Like previous Legacy figures, this set comes with Build-A-Megazord pieces that allow you to build the Movie Megazord. The completed Megazord looks great, matching the design of the “Interactive Megazord” toy. It has a good amount of articulation and movement to it as well. Though there is a bit of limitation due to it’s general design. The main torso of the Megazord comes with Alpha, the wings come with Pink, the arms come with Red & Yellow, and the legs come with Black & Blue.

I really do love these figures. They may have some small flaws, but they look outstanding and allow for some great poses & displays. Including Alpha in the line was a nice touch, and the Build-A-Megazord figure is great. If you are waiting to pick up just one set of Movie Figures, I recommend getting these. 

Final Rating:

Five out of five

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