“Power Rangers Movie FX Masks Review”

February 15, 2017

As more Power Rangers Movie toys continue to make their way to stores, let’s take a look at the Power Rangers Movie FX Masks.

Movie FX

Red Ranger Mask

Movie FX

Pink Ranger Mask

Movie FX

Blue Ranger Mask

Movie FX

Yellow Ranger Mask

Movie FX

Black Ranger Mask

Movie Masks

First I need to mention that the Red Ranger Mask is available at any major retailer, while the Pink, Blue, Yellow & Black Masks are only available at Target Stores.

Each mask is made of a much stronger and thicker plastic, than more recent Ranger masks. These are actually closer to the types of masks Bandai America made during Super Samurai. Unlike recent masks, these actually have tinted visors that cover the eyes. The tinting is not dark enough to hinder your vision, but still just enough to somewhat hide you eyes from others looking at you. The inside of the mask has a black rubber plastic goggle like area that actually presses against your face, instead of just pressing against your nose. The mask is worn via a think black elastic band, that actually can be removed if you just want to hang the masks for display. The moulded detailing is all present on the five masks, but they are missing a bit of paint detailing. Each mask measures about 9.5 inches tall and 6.25 inches across.

As stated, these are “FX Masks”, so they each come with sounds and actual phrases from the movie actors & actresses themselves. These sounds are all activated via a button located near the right temple area of each mask. All the masks have these standard sounds:

-Power Morpher standby sounds

-Punch fighting sounds

-Fighting sounds

-Swoosh attack sounds

-Punch and kick sounds

As for each unique actor or actresses voices, here is what each mask says:

Red: “It’s Morphin Time”, “T-Rex Zord, it’s time for battle”, “We must save Angel Grove”, “We must stop Rita”, “Let’s shred those Putties”.

Pink:“It’s Morphin Time”, “Ptera Zord, let’s jet into battle”, “We must save Angel Grove”, “We must stop Rita”, “Let’s shred those Putties”.

Blue: “It’s Morphin Time”, “Let’s go Triceratops”, “We must save Angel Grove”, “We must stop Rita”, “Let’s shred those Putties”, “The Morphin Grid feels so Powerful”.

Yellow: “It’s Morphin Time”, “Sabertooth Tiger Zord, let’s leap into action”, “We must save Angel Grove”, “We must stop Rita”, “Let’s shred those Putties”.

Black: “It’s Morphin Time”, “Mastodon Zord, attack”, “We must save Angel Grove”, “We must stop Rita”, “Ha, let’s shred those Putties”, “You guys gotta get one of these Zords”.

Overall these are great toys for kids. With each mask having phrases from their matching Ranger, it makes them more enjoyable. I only wish Bandai America had done the same with the Power Swords. I also think a bit more paint would have really made these stand out more. Nevertheless, these masks are sure to unlock a lot of fun for young fans, and they also make good display pieces for collectors. I’m very grateful for Bandai America making all five masks, and for Target to be carrying them.

Final Rating:

Four out of five

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