“Power Rangers Movie Power Swords Review”

February 13, 2017

Time for another Power Rangers Movie toy review. This time we’re taking a look at the Movie Power Sword in all it’s releases.

Power Sword

Red Ranger Version

Power Sword

Pink Ranger Version

Power Sword

Blue Ranger Version

Power Sword

Yellow Ranger Version

Power Sword

Black Ranger Version

Power Swords

To start with I should say that as of the writing of this review, it is unlikely that all the Rangers will be using the Power Sword in the movie. Bandai America likely just wanted to go ahead and release a Power Sword for each Ranger, so that kids can have a sword to play with to match their favorite Ranger in the movie. This I feel was a very generous and smart move. It would have been easy for Bandai just to make Red and leave it at that, or perhaps just make Red, Black & Blue. Instead they went with all five Ranger colors, thus giving the girls Power Swords as well. I am grateful to see that all Power Rangers fans can have a Power Sword to play with and enjoy. The Red Ranger Power Sword is available everywhere, while the Pink, Blue, Yellow & Pink versions are EXCLUSIVE to Target stores.

As for the sword itself, it is nicely done. The Power Sword continues that alien energy design. I like that it isn’t a typical sword, but one with the handle shielded and hidden in a grip. The translucent blue blade I really like, as it captures the “Morphin Grid” energy the movie seems to be going with. The colors, while simple, still stand out well and give a strong powerful appearance. The sword measures at about two feet long and about 4.5 inches at it’s widest point. This makes it a good size for kids, as well as a decent size for adult collectors to display. The handle is just under 3.5 inches, so those with larger hands won’t be able to hold it too easily.

All the swords have the same light features in the blades. As you swing the sword around, you activate swoshing and slashing sounds, and the lights activate in the blade. Each sword does have it’s matching Ranger’s voice. There is a catch however. Jason’s voice is the one used most across all five Power Swords. It is his voice that is used to state whether the sword is in Battle Mode or Training Mode, and it is his voice that guides you through Training Mode. The only actual dialog from the other Rangers in their swords is the phrase, “Let’s shred those Putties”. This is disappointing, as I would have preferred each Ranger’s sword to have that Ranger’s voice throughout all of the voice features.

As I stated, there are two modes to the sword. Battle Mode is the default mode when the toy is switched on. This is where you just swing and slash the sword around to activate the lights and sounds. When you press the button on the front “guard” area, you activate the short training mode. This is where Jason instructs you in a brief “training” session. He’ll tell you to swing the sword, slash attack, and that the Putties are approaching. After you complete about four or five moves, training mode is complete, Jason tells you Good Job, and the sword defaults back to Battle Mode.

These Power Swords are good toys for any young Power Rangers fan. But they would have been made even better if each sword had that Ranger’s voice throughout all the voice commands. I think it would mean more to kids to have their favorite Ranger instructing them through Training Mode, and telling them Good Job at the end of it, instead of just hearing them say “Let’s shred those Putties”. Nevertheless, the toy is good for kids, no matter what color they want. For collectors, if you want a decent display piece (or pieces), then these aren’t bad. I again thank Bandai for making all five colors, and I also thank Target for carrying the Pink, Blue, Black & Yellow exclusively. 

Final Rating:

Four out of five

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