“Power Rangers Movie Metallic Figure Pack Review”

January 12, 2017

Along with the first wave of Power Rangers Movie 5” figures comes a Target Exclusive Power Rangers Team with Goldar Pack. This set features the same Ranger figures from the movie, only now in the translucent metallic plastic Bandai has started using lately. Plus this set is the first opportunity to own a Movie Goldar figure.

Red Ranger Action Hero

Pink Ranger Action Hero

Blue Ranger Action Hero

Yellow Ranger Action Hero

Black Ranger Action Hero

Villain Goldar

Goldar Vs. The Rangers

Movie Rangers

As I said earlier, these are the same figures that are sold individually, except in different plastic. The translucent metallic plastic has a nice look to it. They do seem to have a shine appearance to them. All the same moulded details are present on the figures, but they are also missing the same paint details as the standard releases. All the same points of articulation are on the figures, meaning these are also missing ankle and wrist joints. They come with the same “Morphin Grid” translucent blue weapons.

The new piece in this set is the Goldar figure. This 5” figure captures the movie design of the villain, at least as much as we’ve seen from the Megazord toy commercial. The translucent metallic plastic really helps make Goldar look like gold. Sadly though, Goldar does not come with any weapons, nor does he have any knee articulation. So the poses you can actually put him in are limited. He does have hip, shoulder, elbow and neck articulation. It just would have been better if he had more articulation & a weapon of some kind.

Overall this is a good set, but it would have been nice if it had more. If these Ranger figures had more silver paint, or if the Goldar figure were more complete, it would be perfect. The set is fine for kids, as they should have a lot of fun with these metallic style Rangers and villain. For collectors it is really just a decision on which appearance you like better. If you like the standard released of the figure, then you can likely skip this set and wait for a normal 5” Goldar figure to hopefully be released. But if you enjoy more metallic style figures, then this Target Exclusive pack is sure to please you. Or some of your may just be like me and want tot have both the normal & metallic figures. No matter what $50 for 6 figures is a good deal.

Final Rating:

Four out of five

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