“Power Rangers Movie 5” Figures Wave 1 Review”

January 3, 2017

The first wave of 5” Movie Figures have been released. These figures capture the design of the movie suits and Alpha 5, but are not without their faults.

Red Ranger Action Hero

Pink Ranger Action Hero

Blue Ranger Action Hero

Yellow Ranger Action Hero

Black Ranger Action Hero

Alpha 5 Action Hero

Movie Rangers

Movie Rangers & Alpha 5

Movie Rangers & Megazord

The design on all the figures is solid. You can see all the proper moulded detailing from the suits on the figures. What is missing however are some points of articulation. On standard season 5” Ranger figures, you have movements at the boot cuff, knee joint, hip joint, shoulder, elbow joint, wrist & neck. These Movie Rangers however, are missing any sort of boot cuff and wrist articulation. This ends up being a bit of a hinderance when you are trying to get them to stand in more dynamic and battle style poses. The female Rangers also have much smaller feet than the standard season Ranger figures, meaning you have to spend more time carefully trying to get them to balance just right. For children who are just going to hold them as they play with them, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but for anyone wanting to have a battle like display this could be of concern.

Another missing factor with the Rangers is their lack of paint. This seems to be an ongoing issue with most of the Movie line for some reason. The majority of paint is focused around the core body of each Ranger, as well as some on their helmet.  I have the Jakks Pacific 20” Big-Fig Red Movie Ranger, and it has a great deal more paint, thus allowing for a good comparison piece. The silver details on the knees, shins, and arms are all missing. There is no paint on the backs of the figures, but I was never expecting that. I am just concerned why these beautiful figures, lack so much paint.

Each Ranger does come with a weapon accessory. All of them are done in a translucent blue colored plastic. The Red Ranger comes with his Power Sword, while the other four Rangers come with energy punches. These weapons easily fit in the figure’s hands, and help give them a more action look.

The Alpha 5 figure is quite good. He does not have the belly like the official production artwork showed. When you stand him properly, he looks like a good alien robot. You can get a fair amount of expressive poses from him with his long arms, sturdy legs and rotating head.

Overall these are still good figures to get. When all posed together, they look nice. Still, I think just a tiny bit more silver paint on the Ranger figures would have helped a great deal. I’ve even considered getting a Silver Gundam Marker to add in some of the missing paint. Kids will still have plenty of fun with these, and collectors should be fine with them to display.

Final Rating:

Four out of five

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