“Power Rangers Movie Battle Zords Review”

January 1, 2017

It’s Megazord Time! After just releasing the T-Rex Battle Zord in the first wave of Movie Toys, the other four Ranger’s Battle Zords have now been released with Wave 2. Now let’s take a look at all five spectacular Battle Zords.

T-Rex Battle Zord

Pterodactyl Battle Zord

Triceratops Battle Zord

Sabertooth Battle Zord

Mastodon Battle Zord

2” Mini Rangers

Mini Putty


Let’s talk design. I know a large number of people do not care for for these Zord designs, but I really like them. Like everything we’ve seen from the movie thus far, these Zords capture an alien look and feel. They still have the core dinosaur appearance, but now modernized and given what I call an alien mutation. The T-Rex looks powerful & fierce. Sabertooth has a strong mechanic look. Pterodactyl is like a blend of dinosaur and alien jet. The Triceratops & Mastodon Battle Zords take some getting adjusting to. I actually do like the Triceratops and feel it has an alien beast look. The Mastodon I admit is strange with it’s eight legs. But I still think it looks impressive and powerful. The only minor issue I have with the Battle Zords is I wish they had a bit more paint.

The toys are far larger than any normal Zords we’ve ever gotten. This makes each Zord a great deal of fun all on their own. The Zords each have at least one play feature. The T-Rex has two though. It has missiles that fire from it’s arms. These are fired just by pressing on the back of the missile. The T-Rex also has a large cannon that can be mounted on it’s back. This cannon has a button that can be pressed to activate sounds from Jason. The sounds are “T-Rex Zord, it’s time for battle”, blasting sounds, “One. Two. Three!” and a final blast sound”. The Sabertooth has a dual cannon that can be placed on it’s back. When you press the button, the cannons alternate back & forth. The Triceratops tail can fire a missile, the same way the T-Rex missiles fire. The Pterodactyl can grab the small Putty figure it comes with, via it’s feet. Finally the Mastodon can…well throw a spiderweb like object via a catapult you manually operate. I’m not sure why this was chosen as it’s play feature, but let’s move on.

All the Zords come with their mini Ranger figures. These are essentially identical to the ones that come with the $60 Megazord figure. They have articulation in the legs and arms, allowing them to move forwards & backwards. Each figure can fit into their Zord cockpits. I love this feature and feel it adds a great deal of play value. As I stated earlier, the Pterodactyl comes with a Putty Figure. It just has articulation in the arms, and it is a bit larger than the mini Ranger figures.

Now to the main fun of owning all five Battle Zords; forming the Megazord. Each Zord is taken apart to form the Megazord, which may be off-putting for some, but I like it. The T-Rex forms the upper torso & arms, Pterodactyl makes the wings, Sabertooth the abdomen and hips, Triceratops the left leg & Mastodon the right leg. Forming the Megazord is actually quite easy and doesn’t take much time to remember after you’ve read the instructions from the T-Rex a couple of times. Yes, the instructions for forming the Megazord are only included with the T-Rex.

Once the Megazord is complete, it stands just a bit over two feet tall. This ladies and gentlemen, is the largest Megazord EVER made by Bandai America or Bandai Japan. It towers over all other Megazords, Zord, and Carrier Zords of the past. It looks extraordinary . All the joints and connections hold together well, so it does’t feel flimsy. You have a good amount of articulation in the arms by being able to rotate at the shoulders, and bend the elbows too. You can even try to bend the legs at the knees to get some more dynamic poses, but it may take some time to get it just right. While this form of the Megazord is different from the single $60 Megazord figure, I still think this form could be the standard form and the figure represents a “Lightning Mode”.

Parts of the Zords make weapons for the Megazord formation. The T-Rex Cannon & Sabertooth Dual Cannon can be mounted on the sides of the Megazord’s wrists, or held in the hands. The T-Rex missile firing arms can go on the back of the wings, or just over the shoulders of the Megazord. The T-Rex tail and main Pterodactyl body make swords for the Megazord to use. Finally, the catapult from the Mastodon can be held by the Megazord, but I’m not quite sure what kind of weapon it would be used as.

I LOVE these Battle Zords. I know they aren’t appealing to everyone, but I think they look amazing. They’re a great blend of dinosaur and alien. The cockpits for each Zord add a lot of imaginative fun for kids. The size of them make them to where just one has a good deal of play value. Forming the Megazord is great fun and is an amazing sight when completed. It’s also enjoyable being able to have so many different weapons for the Megazord. These Battle Zords are great, and while a bit higher priced (T-Rex at $40 and $20 each for the rest), they have great play value on their own, and even more when owning all five. For anyone who is looking forward to the movie, I would recommend picking these up. 

Final Rating:

Five out of five

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