“Power Rangers Movie Megazord Review”

December 20, 2016

Another big Power Rangers Movie toy being hyped and pushed this holiday season is the Movie Megazord. I got this the day it was released, and I figured now was a good time to put together a review of it.


Megazord Wings

Closed & Open

Dual Cannon & Sword

Light Up Areas

2” Ranger Figures

Rangers in Cockpits


To start with this Megazord is BIG. It’s 18 inches tall, making it far taller than most average Megazords from the past. Now as for design, yes it does lack some color, but at the time of this posting, we do not really know exactly how much color the Megazord will have in the movie. Though I do wish the wings had some pink paint on them. This version has more of what I would call a “Lightning Mode” design, kinda like the Storm Megazord from Ninja Storm. As the version that is formed with the Battle Zords has more of the standard armor looking Megazord feel. The body is covered in a chainmail like texture, with small areas of color from where certain Zords should be located. The articulation is primarily located in the arms. You can move the arms all the way around at the shoulders (if you remove the wings), and you can bend the arms at the elbows. You can also turn the head from side to side. So while not having the greatest amount of movement to it, it is still better than most Megazords.

There are a few battle features to the toys. First are the wings on it’s back. There is a switch on the back that allows you to open & close the wings. Closed mode is likely for when the Megazord is battling on the ground, and then open from when you wan the Megazord to take to the sky. The wings can easily be removed and placed back onto the toy. The Movie Megazord also has weapons on each wrist. On the right wrist is a sword that can be brought out via a slide switch, as well as pressed back in. The left wrist has a dual cannon blaster that when you press the button on it, the two cannons move back and fourth in a firing motion.

The Megazord also has lights and sounds that are activated through the toy sitting without playing with it, or through actual play & pressing the button on it’s chest. Whenever sounds are activated, the “Morphin Grid” in the chest, as well as the face of the helmet will light up in a very cool looking blueish purple color. The chest even has a crystal like appearance when the light activates. The sounds range from typical battle sounds or blasts, to take off, flight and landing sounds. The takeoff, flight an landing features are activated by lifting the toy, and eventually placing it back on it’s feet. There is a button on the bottom of the left foot that remains pressed when standing. When you lift the Megazord, you’ll hear a blasting off sound & the bottoms of the feet light up. As long as you do not set the toy back on it’s feet, thruster firing sounds will be played and the feet will continue to light up. Finally, when you set the toy down, a landing sound will play.

The final sound & play feature come from the set of 2” Movie Ranger figures. These tiny Rangers are actually pretty cool. They don’t have much paint, but they still look nice. Amazingly enough, they do have articulation by being able to move the legs back & forth, and rotate the arms at the shoulders. These Rangers are to be placed in the Megazord’s cockpits. There are cockpits at each shoulder, cockpits at each thigh, and one in the abdomen. The cockpit in the abdomen is the one that will activate new sounds for the Megazord. Once a Ranger is placed in that cockpit, and you close the door, the Megazord will now play through a series of phrases from the Movie Rangers. The phrases are:

“Let’s swing a right hook in him.” Jason the Red Ranger

“Let’s take the fight to the skies.” Kimberly the Pink Ranger

“Activating foot thrusters.” Billy the Blue Ranger

“Look, I can punch him.” Trini the Yellow Ranger

“Oh man, that’s a lot of gold.” Zach the Black Ranger

Overall this is a really great toy and collectible. The size is what really makes this toy stand out. It has plenty of play features for kids to get hours of playtime out of, and want to continue to come back to it. It’s a great display piece for collectors as well. Adding in the cockpits and 2” Ranger figures is an enjoyable bonus. I still wish it had a bit more paint to it, but it really does not take anything away from the overall enjoyment of this toy.

Final Rating:

Five out of five

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