“Power Rangers Movie Power Morpher with Power Coins Review”

December 9, 2016

The Power Rangers Movie Toy I have been waiting for has arrived. The Movie Power Morpher with Power Coins in now available in Toys R Us stores, as well as online. I bought this Morpher the day it was officially released, and two days later I bought another one. So spoilers, I really like this toy.

Power Morpher

Center LEDs and Circuit Board

T-Rex Power Coin

Pterodactyl Power Coin

Triceratops Power Coin

Sabertooth Tiger Power Coin

Mastodon Power Coin

The Power Coins

3D Printed Power Coin Vs. Toy Power Coin

Old & New

Movie Power Morpher with Power Coins

Let’s first tackle the design. I know a number of people are not into the designs the movie has been showing off. But for me, I’m really liking everything. This perfectly captures the alien tech look and feel I think the movie is going for. I like the metallic swirl inward design, as it gives it almost a feeling of being in a constant state of movement. I really like the mesh in between the main swirls. I do wish the toy was a bit more a metallic silver, since the Ranger suits have a more silver looking Morpher on them.

The toy itself measures about 6.25 inches across, 4.5 inches tall and just under 2.5 inches think. It feels good in your hand, and the weight is just right. There is a belt clip on the back to allow you to clip it onto your pants or belt. Since the weight is low, it will not pull your pants down & forward, like the Legacy Power Morphers do.

The top lever is how you open & close the center of the Morpher, as well as activate it. When you slide it to the open position, the inner grips pull back allowing you to easily insert or remove any of the Power Coins. Then as you slide the lever to the closed position, three series of inner grips close around the Power Coin, sounds are activated and lights spin behind the coin.

The center has a set of amber LED lights that are activated as your play with the Morpher. I do wish these were clear LEDs instead of amber. When the lights activate behind the Morpher, the coins all turn to a gold amber color, instead of popping out as their individual color. It’s hard to describe the sounds in toy, so I recommend you check out Power Rangers Now’s video showcasing the sounds. All the sounds are good, and hopefully are taken from what we will hear in the film in March.

The two main sounds I wan to focus on are the sounds activated when a Power Coin is in place. If you just close the Morpher normally, you get a powering up style sound that ends with like a lock. Kinda like the Ranger suits are energizing around you and locking into place. However, if you slide the lever back and forth more than once and then close it, this “charges” the Morpher. This activates a much longer & far more powerful sound. It sounds like energy is being revved up and then fired out of the Morpher. I personally wonder if this sound is actually meant to be for Zord Summoning. I think it would be cool if somehow the Zords were actually brought forth from an energy portal that the Power Morphers fire out. But that’s just this nerd’s fan theory.

The Power Coins are beautiful. When the original 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie 5” figures came out for the film, I LOVED how those Power Coins were done in matching metallic colors. I thought this made the Power Coins seem more individual. So I am very happy to have that idea brought in here with each Ranger’s coin matching their color. What is fun is that if you just look at them from front, you can’t really see the dinosaur inside the coin. But if you hold the coin up to the light, that reveals the “power” hidden within. Again, this is where the LEDs in the Morpher come into play. As the lights spin, it reveals the Dinosaur in the coin. Each coin is 1 9/16 of an inch in size. While smaller than the 3D Printed Power Coins given away at San Diego Comic-Con, they are still a good size and fun to play with. Each coin also has the alien tech like texture on them.

I really love this Power Morpher. I think it has a great modern, alien tech design, the sounds and play features are fun, and the Power Coins are a blast to have with their colors and texture. I really have no major complaints at all with this. I think it is a great buy for adult fans, and I’m sure kids who see the movie will want to own it as well.

Final Rating:

Five out of five

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