“Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher Review”

November 26, 2016

It’s that time yet again when new Power Rangers season toys begin arriving at store shelves. After searching and waiting for almost two weeks, I found my first Power Rangers Ninja Steel toy today. I found the Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher at Toys R Us and I wanted to give it a review.

Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher

Ninja Power Star Reader

Red & Yellow Ninja Power Stars

Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher

Morpher Mode, Blade Mode, Claw Mode & Bow Mode

Let’s start with the design. The overall look is meant to appear like a Ninja Star, which given the theme of the season, I can understand this weapon being converted to be a Morpher. Plus, with a larger toy you can pack a reader device into it easier. The paint detailing is good. The four unique markings on each “point” of the toy are actually stickers. The toy measures nine inches across, and the handle has an opening of 2 5/16 inches. This is of course made for child hands, as even an adult with slightly smaller hands like myself, can only fit three fingers into the handle opening. The handle does not come attached. Once you open up the package you will have to attach the handle, as well as insert a black plastic tab to make sure everything stays together. The handle takes a great deal of pressure to snap into place, so this is a chore parents & guardians will have to do for the kiddos.

The Morpher is advertised to have three modes, though you can kinda get four modes out of it. First is the basic Morpher Mode with all the blades stored into the toy. I’ll go into the sounds and play functions of the Morpher Mode itself later. Without any Ninja Power Stars inserted, no matter what mode you have the toy in, it will cycle three general blade battling sounds. With a Power Star inserted, you’ll get a more charged up attacking sound. To put the Morpher in Blade Mode you can press the button on the Red Point. This pops the two blades out and morphs the toy into Blade Mode. Here the toy measures 11 1/2 inches. You can easily fold the blades back into place, and then morph it into another mode. The Claw Mode is made by folding the blades from the Red and Fire Points out, and having them point towards the direction of the Yellow Point. Finally is the unofficial Bow Mode. This is much like Claw Mode, but instead you continue to fold the Red & Fire Point blades out until they make arms of the bow. This is a mode that the Japanese toy featured, and I don’t know if the show will indeed feature the Rangers using it. In any of these battle modes, kids should have some fun reenacting Ranger battles.

The Morpher comes with two Ninja Power Stars, Red & Yellow. Each Ninja Power Star activates a different voice sound from the Morpher. This is due to the unique lines that stick up or down on the back of the stars. The front show their matching Ninja Steel Ranger. The “blade” portions of these stars are made out of cut foam. This makes them child friendly and not in any way harmful. The foam cannot be removed from the toys. These Ninja Power Stars do lack the more show accurate details that those in the Ninja Power Star Packs feature. This it due to the Stars in the packs being made from injection mould foam, instead of cut foam.

Now let’s talk about the main play feature of the Morpher. The Ninja Power Stars are inserted into the center of the Morpher to activate sounds. You can easily press the star into place. Here is where the toy falls short. In the show, the Rangers will be able to spin their Ninja Power Stars. You cannot “spin” these Ninja Power Stars. Instead you have to TURN them. Yes, instead being able to spin the star freely and watch it spin for a short time afterward, you have to continuously turn the Ninja Power Star in order to the Morpher to then read which star it is. Then the Morpher will announce which Power Star it is (“Red Ninja Power Star” or “Yellow Ninja Power Star”). You press the button on the handle, the Morpher calls out “activate”, and Morphing sounds are activated for the Ranger’s stars. Removing the Ninja Power Stars can be a bit tricky at times, as you have to pull on the foam. I feel if not done carefully sometimes, you can end up bending the foam.

I’m really confused by the lack of an actual “spinning” feature. There had to be a way to keep the reader in the Morpher itself, as well as allowing the Power Stars to spin freely. Plus I don’t even see any way of modifying the toy for fans, as the Power Stars have to sit flush against the center, so the friction is always going to be in place to keep the stars from freely spinning. I think kids are going to be somewhat disappointed when they see their heroes being able to easily spin the Ninja Power Stars, but they have to move their toy stars with their hands or fingers slowly.

Overall, the Deluxe Ninja Battle Morpher is just okay. It captures the look of the device from the show, and kids will enjoy the weapon role-play features of it. The Ninja Power Stars that come with it are fun and harmless. However, the main Morpher feature, and main gimmick selling point of the year is where it falls short. A big part of the fun is supposed to come from kids being able to spin the Ninja Power Stars, watch them spin & imagining the “power” charge up. That is severely dampened by having to turn the stars repeatedly by hand; even slowly at times. Plus the voice of the Morpher isn’t all that appealing, as it sounds like a guy with his chin in his chest, trying to speak without fully annunciating. There is fun to be had with this toy, but just not as much as there should be.

Final Rating:

Three out of five

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