“Power Rangers Show in the Power Rangers Movie?”

November 22, 2016

We all know that the Power Rangers Movie is going to be set in its own universe. It will not be connected to the actual show’s universe. It’s going to be it’s own thing, while taking inspiration from the original Mighty Morphin season one. However, recent postings on an official publicity site have begun to plant seeds of questions.

After the release of the first teaser trailer, Saban Brands & Lionsgate unveiled “The Roar”. This is the fictional Angle Grove High School Student Newspaper site. It is set in the movie’s universe, and “reports” on the news regarding events at the school and the student body. It’s mostly harmless, though really nailing the passive aggressive attitudes of the “smile to your face & stab you in the back” teenagers.

The Roar has posted stories that help give fans a bit more depth to the characters we will see in the movie. They’ve told about Jason and him no longer being on the football team, Kimberly and her not sporting her cheerleader outfit, Trini being the new kid in school, Billy being the prodigy but somehow being in detention, and Zach being a rebel that hardly ever shows up for school. Again, all tidbits of info that help give the audience a better sense of who our heroes are, before we walk into theaters on March 24th.

However, recently The Roar has started using something quite peculiar. They’ve used imagery of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yes, actual imagery from the original 1993 Season One of Mighty Morphin, as well as a store bought Halloween Pink Ranger Costume. It started with an article where they wanted students to show off their halloween costumes, and for some examples, they showed some “students” wearing theirs. One such photo was this one:

Again, an officially licensed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger costume. This seemed very strange to me since, well why would this movie universe actually have a Pink Ranger costume? Their Pink Ranger, by the current timeline in the movie universe, has not debuted yet. Still there it was.

And the weirdness just continued today. They posted an article about being Ghosted (I doubt it’s the same as RPM’s “ghosted” cause that’s a bit more lethal). The final part of the article shows an animated GIF of the Pink Ranger in her Pterodactyl Zord Cockpit. Once more, this is footage from season one of Mighty Morphin (technically Zyuranger footage). I’ve cropped the text out of the animated GIF as it features an abbreviation that isn’t exactly kid friendly, and I prefer to keep things family friendly here.

So I’m left wondering…is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a show in the Power Rangers Movie universe? The Roar website is meant to be set in the movie’s universe, so why use images of Mighty Morphin & such products, if it did not exists in said universe? If the show is indeed present in the movie, then that starts to beg other questions. Is the show still going in their universe like it is ours? Did it only run for one season of Mighty Morphin? Does Bandai America make the toys in their universe too? Is there a Haim Saban in the movie universe that created it all? Did their Walt Disney company take over the show for seven seasons, plus a reversioned MMPR Season 1? Did their Dino Super Charge finale bring dinosaurs back to life too?

It really gets your brain to going off on so many tangents. I guess we will just have to wait and see if the Power Rangers show does indeed exist in the movie universe, or if this is all just a bit of tongue in cheek marketing.



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