“Movie Zords”

November 16, 2016

Before you start to read this, if you haven’t watched MMPRToys Video showing the Movie Interactive Megazord, then do so now. Read no further, and go watch the video now. You can come back and read this after you’ve watched the video.

For the two people who remembered to come back, we now know what the Power Rangers Movie Zords will look like…at least in toy form. To begin with, it is disappointing that Lionsgate didn’t release a series of full promotional photos of the Zords, as they appear in the film. It’s difficult for toys to fully capture the appearance of characters, weapons and items used in movies. So we can’t say that the images we have of the toys are exactly how the Zords will appearing the movie.

We all ready knew what the T-Rex was going to look like, thanks to the previews Saban Brands gave the fans, as well as all the pre-orders that have now been listed on various sites. From this one Zord I could tell we were certainly heading in a more alien style of design. This was to be expected with the way the suits looked too.

Images from MMPRToys Interactive Megazord Video

So there they are. The Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Mastodon & Sabertooth Tiger Zords. At least that’s what I think they are meant to be. I like the Pterodactyl since it seems to be the best blend of dinosaur and alien. The Sabertooth Tiger looks okay, though having that big cannon on it’s back it a bit distracting (as is the one on the T-Rex’s back). As for the Triceratops & Mastodon, I feel like they give off more of a bug-tank like feel. This comes from the multiple legs that these Zords have been given for some reason.

I can’t say I absolutely love these designs, but like the first image of the Interactive Megazord, I think they will have to grow on me. As we’ve been shown more images releasing to the movie, I’ve been coming up with my own ideas and theories of how & why things look the way they do. For the Zords, I believe that when Zordon came to Earth and the Power Coins bonded with the five pre-historic creatures, they passed on alien DNA into those creatures. This then mutated them into the Zords we see now. Alien DNA mutation could easily explain why a Mastodon has eight legs, a Triceratops has six, a T-Rex & Sabertooth Tiger have giant cannons on their backs, and why a Pterodactyl…okay the mutation didn’t actually do much to her.

I’m still excited to see how these five Zords will combine, especially since the toys will form a two foot tall Megazord. I just really wish we could have gotten some official movie images of the Zords, and then been shown the toys.

Also check out Black Nerd Comedy’s opening and showcasing of the Interactive Megazord, and Power Rangers Now video showing off the Power Morpher.

If you want to pre-order the Power Morpher, Power Sword, T-Rex Battle Zord, or Interactive Megazord, you can do so on the Toys R Us site. The movie toys are set to hit retail shelves on December 2nd.



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