“6.5” Legacy Figures - Wave 2 Review”

November 7, 2016

The second wave of the Legacy Figures have started arriving in stores, and I love them. Let’s take a look and see how much more fun they bring to this collection.

Mighty Morpin Power Rangers Legacy Pink Ranger Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Blue Ranger Legacy Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Black Ranger Legacy Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Figures Group Shots

Power Rangers In Space Red Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers In Space Yellow Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers In Space Legacy Figures Group Shot

Build-A-Megazord Figures

I again have to say that these Legacy Figures are my all time favorite Power Rangers figures that Bandai has ever produced. There are so many things to like about them. From their articulation, their accuracy, the more fabric style plastic, and just the amazing look. I cannot speak highly enough of these, but I will certainly try.

These figures continue to shine in just how well they feel in your hands. At no time do you ever feel like anything it going to break off. They are solid and strong. The articulation & balance on these figures continues to be a huge plus, as the only limit to the poses you can put them in, is essentially your imagination. The free range of poseability for these continues to amaze me. The female figures are the only ones slightly lessened by their skits, but even then they can still be maneuvered enough to get some great stances. One change in these figures are some of the joints on the males. A number of the joints now click and ratchet into place, instead of just being normal & loose.

The attention to detail shines through on these figures. The In Space Rangers look great with every little detail on their helmets & belts. Now there is a glaring error on Bandai America’s part with the Mighty Morphin figures. For whatever reason, these figures ended up not getting their belts painted white. Plus, the Morphers do not have the same black detailing as the Red & Green Rangers do. This issue has been recognized by those at Bandai, and there is supposed to be some kind of correction in the works. At the time of this posting, it is not yet know what that will entail. Nevertheless, that small mistake do not take away from the sheer awesomeness that these figures have. Plus, if you want you could just take some Testors Acrylic White Paint and correct the belts, and do the same with the black Morpher details with a fine tip brush.

The figures do still lack their main individual weapons from the show. They do have their side arms, with In Space having Astro Blasters & Mighty Moprhin having Blade Blasters in holster mode. However, for the Mighty Morphin figures I have found that the weapons that came with the 5” Legacy Figures work quite nicely. Yes the Power Axe can look a bit small, but overall I think they still look quite good. We have seen prototype images that show Legacy Figures with their Power Weapons, so we know Bandai is working on weapons for these. My hope is that we see a Toys R Us 5-pack for each team, that includes their weapons, but not Build-a-Megazord pieces. Toys R Us all ready has Power Rangers season 6-packs that include 1 exclusive battle gear weapon, so I think a similar idea could work here.

The Build-a-Megazord pieces still look spectacular. Granted they don’t have as much paint detailing, but it does not take away from their amazing appearance at all. Mighty Morphin Pink & Black come with the Megazord Arms, while Blue comes with the Triceratops leg. In Space Red comes with the Astro Megazord torso, and Yellow comes with a leg. What’s funny and great is that even while incomplete, the Build-a-Megazords can stand on their own. I had to lean the Dino Megazord a bit, but it does stand without any assistance. It just shows how well balanced these figures are and will be when finished.

I love everything about these figures. I cannot stop looking at them and just getting that sense of power from them. Their poseability & details bring the toys to life and make owning them so much fun. Every figure released thus far is a must own for every Power Rangers fan. The figure packages are now being marked as “Limited Edition”, so I would be sure and snatch these up when you see them.

Now I can’t wait for the Movie Legacy Figures & the Spring 2017 Wave to come out.

Final Rating:

Five out of Five

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