“Movie Megazord”

November 5, 2016

Well this was certainly not how I expected the Megazord to be revealed. I know it wasn’t how anyone at Bandai America, Saban Brands or Lionsgate wanted the reveal to go. Nevertheless, it happened and everyone’s hand was forced. So what we got was a late night tweet, some toy details and a photo.

It started yesterday when some jerk decided he wanted to be a “big shot” and tweet a photo of the Megazord, that he took from a retailer computer screen. The toy shown was the Movie Megazord. I did not see the photo when it was first posted. I did not retweet it once I found it. Still, it of course spread like wildfire through the internet. After months and months of hard work from the three teams involved, one selfish little person decided to ruin the magic for everyone, just so they could get their 15 minutes of fame.

Sources have stated that there was a big plan on how the Megazord reveal was going to occur. That Saban, Bandai & Lionsgate had a big & exciting reveal lined up. Then this idiot went and ruined everything. I know with Power Rangers toys there is always a rush to report news, and with most of the standard season toys, that is fine. We all have to admit that when it comes to the show’s toys, we have a pretty good idea of what is coming, thanks to the Japanese footage & just general patterns. However, the movie is new & original. Thus far every time something for the film has been revealed, it has been a big deal. So big that it has always broken into the top five trending topics on Twitter, as well as a huge trending topic on Facebook.

What could have been another huge event and press hype moment for the Power Rangers Movie, has instead turned into a quick, muddled and argumentative moment, all thanks to a pitiful little egotist. For other well executed opinions on this spoiler, please check out Greg, who worked at Bandai, as well as MMPRToys.

With the cat out of the bag, Saban Brands was forced to quickly release an official toy photo of a Megazord toy. So now let’s talk about the Megazord itself and it’s design. I admit, this came as a bit more of a shock to me than anything prior. I know everything is meant to have an alien like design to it, but this seemed to take that idea to a whole new level. I think what caught me off guard the most was the fact that, well, as you can see it does not look like a robot made up of five dinosaur robots. Instead this looks like a humanoid with elements of Zords attached to it.

I can see where certain Zords may be located, but it still strikes me as odd that instead of being actual components, it looks more like the Zords are armor and weapons. Yet, after having some time to digest this, I am warming up to this idea. I have a theory that perhaps once our heroes are united in their “spirits”, that creates this giant humanoid form. From there, maybe their Zords do become armor and weapons for the form, and then our heroes command & pilot the Megazord together.

No matter what, it is very interesting and I can tell a great deal of time went into the concept & design. Jason from Saban Brands did post an interesting tweet, emphasizing CONTEXT. Once seen in the context of everything in the film, I think the Megazord & its design will make a lot more sense. Heck, we probably could have gotten some context in the actual planned reveal, but again, that was ruined by a spoiler happy man child.

So I’m optimistic about the Megazord, and I’m interested to see what is still to come THROUGH THE OFFICIAL RELEASES! As The Doctor & River Song said so many times...NO SPOILERS!



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