“Greedy Green Megazord”

November 5, 2016 - UPDATED

I wanted to update this posting, as there has been an new development. This time, it is a positive bit of news, though still a head scratcher.

The same evening the Power Rangers Now had earlier reported on the Deluxe Ninja Steel Megazords, they got another scope. This time they reported to us about the Ninja Steel Armored figures. This is improtant on two fronts. First, as you can see in photos on their page, the White Ranger is getting an Armored Figure. Let me point this out clearly. A FEMALE Ranger is getting an ARMORED FIGURE! I cannot recall any time when a female Ranger got any kind of special, battle armor style figure. Most all female figures are limited to just the main 5” line. So for Bandai America to finally take a chance and give a woman a armored figure is something that should be greatly applauded.

The other interesting note was the inclusion of a Rumbletusk Armored Figure. This did catch my attention when I first saw it, and I did wonder if these figures would be able to work with the Deluxe Megazords, as the 5” line has been stated to be able to. Then we later got word from Jason at Saban Brands. He stated that YES, the Rumbletusk Armored Figure WOULD be able to combine with the Megazords. This is great news. This means that if you want to have an Elephant Zord all by itself, you can get this figure for likely $10 to $12.

Now it is still interesting to me that the Zord Vehicle line may not be continuing. This figure is a great alternative to buying the $35 Deluxe Rumbletusk Megazord. But if you look at both, there is another issue. Both the figure and the Elephant in the Megazord do not appear to actually have an Elephant mode. Could the show edit footage to where we just get the Elephant Zord in a Warrior Mode. If this would be the case, I can understand and even appreciate the move (in the show) even more. Still not sure why it would require a cease of a Zord Vehicle line, but at least would begin to make some things more clear.

So when the Ninja Steel Armored figures start popping up, I WILL be picking up the White Ranger & Rumbletusk figures, and I encourage others to do so as well.

Original November 2, 2016 Post:

Well this certainly was not what I was expecting to learn from the coming Ninja Steel toy line, and I’m very disappointed in this decision.

Power Rangers Now got the scope and revealed to us the press images for the Ninja Steel Megazord. These shots look decent and capture the design and appearance of the Megazord from the show. However, that was not the only Megazord revealed.

Behold the Deluxe Rumble Tusk Megazord. Yes, an entire separate Megazord toy for just one Zord. For those that don’t know, the Elephant Zord is an Auxiliary Zord in the show. It’s just like the Ankylo or Pachy Zords, the Super Megaforce Delta Runner or Mystic Force Dragon, or the Samurai Beetle, Swordfish and Tiger Zords. All small Zords that were released individually and separate from the main Megazord.

Now however, we appear to have to buy an entirely new Megazord if we want to get the Elephant. Unless there is some extensive digital editing done in the show, when the Elephant combines with the Ninja Steel Megazord, it does NOT change it to a green and orange color scheme. So why has Bandai America decided to make this new Megazord just for one lone auxiliary Zord? The only answer I can come up with is greed.

I honestly do not understand this move at all. For those like me, who have collected Power Rangers toys since the beginning, you’ll remember the painful years when Auxiliary Zords were first introduced into the show, and Bandai America struggled with figuring out how to release them. We never got the Elephant Zord in Wild Force, Ninja Storm never saw all of the Power Sphere weapons, Dino Thunder never got a Pachy Zord, and the Jungle Fury line did not have Deluxe Shark, Bat & Elephant Zords. Throughout these years, Bandai America never wanted to take the chance of releasing Zords on their own, without a Megazord.

However, when Samurai rolled around, times finally did change. Bandai took a chance and released Auxiliary Zords on their own…and they sold! We got the Beetle, Swordfish, Tiger, Shark, and Octo Zords in the Samurai & Super Samurai line. We even got an original Scorpion Zord for Deker. With Megaforce we got Zord Vehicles that had the Zord Heads and vehicles that combined for the Ultrazord Combination. As well as cycles that had Zords with them. Super Megaforce gave us the Mystic Force Dragon, Delta Runner 1, Ninja Storm Zord and an original Zeo Zord. Even with Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge, we have gotten every Zord shown in the series. So why do we need to go BACKWARDS in how Auxiliary Zords are released?

Yes, the Rumble Tusk Megazord is a repaint, and Dino Super Charge has seen plenty of repaints. However, none of the repaints have been “must have” items in order to collect items used in the show. All the Dino Super Charge repaints have just been extras to help fill out the line for the remainder of the year. It’s not like you could only get the Ankylo Zord if you bought an orange and silver Ptera Zord. If you just wanted the core Zords & Megazords, without any of the repaints or toy exclusive Zords, you could still get them.

Now it seems Bandai is taking what I can only call a greedy step. There has been no indication that the Zord Vehicle line was declining or sales were slipping. Yet instead of continuing it as normal for Ninja Steel, it now appears that part of the toy line is being killed off. All so we can have numerous repainted Megazords. Keep in mind there are at least three main Auxiliary Zords for Ninja Steel; Elephant, UFO and Surfer with Surfboard (Don’t get me started on how flat out stupid Ninninger & it’s Mad Libs approach to design is). So does this mean we’ll also see a UFO Megazord & a Surf Megazord? After this news, that is exactly what I am expecting.

I was never that enthused by the Ninja Steel / Ninninger designs. I like the suits and some of the weapons, but most everything else just looks so far out there. As of now, and unless a Zord Vehicle line is shown to exists, I will buy the 5” figures, Sword and Morpher when I see them. But as for the Megazords, I will wait until Toys R Us has a BOGO sale, because right now I cannot justify paying $35+ just to get for one small $17 Zord I want.

On the bright side, I can funnel more of my money into the Movie toy line, so long as things don’t start spiraling down there too.



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