“Let’s Talk Movie Toys”

October 28, 2016

The past 24 hours has been quite exciting for Power Rangers Movie Toy news. After months of only seeing the Movie Legacy figures, and the NYCC Exclusive Move Red with his Power Coin, we finally got some previews of more toys, thanks to the RangerNation.com website. I’m quite excited and I wanted to give my thoughts on what we have been shown.

Let’s start with the T-Rex Battle Zord. This toy finally gives us an idea of what we can expect the Red Ranger’s Zord to look like in the film. It has a nice alien design to it, while still capturing a tyrannosaurus appearance too. It comes with missile launching cannons for arms, as well as some kind of large cannon mounted on it’s back. Now the images we have of it may still not feature all the painting details, and I hope this is the case. If there does end up being more paint on this Zord, then I may consider buying it, especially after what we learned today. According to a report from Power Rangers Now (the BEST source for Power Rangers news), Bandai will be making all five of the Ranger’s Zords in this very large scale, and they will combine to form a TWO FOOT TALL MEGAZORD! Yeah, that’s kinda awesome. Plus, if you watch a video from Airlim at MCM Expo 2016, he shows off the Zord that Bandai UK has on display. In the video you start to see removable parts, possible Zord Builder ports and even the Megazord’s helmet. I really hope Bandai can show off a completed T-Rex Battle Zord sometime soon, as well as other movie Battle Zords.

Next let’s take look at the Red Ranger’s Movie Power Sword. I was sold on this weapon when Lionsgate first sent out the official image of it for the film. The Legacy Figure version is great for the figure, and the role-play toy looks better than I could hope for. It captures that alien feel, while still looking powerful. Once again, after watching Airlim’s video, you can see just how large this weapon looks to be. I’m very interested to see what sounds Bandai has packed into the weapon, and getting more details on it’s official length and size. I’m hoping that it will be as long as the Samurai Mega Blade, as I still hold that to be the perfect size for children’s sword toys.

Finally we have the one item I have been waiting to see since we first saw the suits…The Power Morpher! Yes, we have seen what could be believed to be the Morpher on the Ranger suits, but without any confirmation we could not be sure. Now that we know, I’m very pleased with this design. As I’ve said, the alien look just fits so well. I really like the swirling inwards, alien gunmetal color, and Power Coins are just as awesome. Having the T-Rex coin all ready (thanks to the NYCC Movie Legacy Red Ranger figure), I can attest to how cool the coins are going to be. They are almost just about the same size around as the Legacy Power Coins, and the coin feels sturdy. I love the effect that the coins have of revealing the dinosaur once light is placed behind the coin, and I’m very excited that the Morpher will feature this. I’m intrigued by the lever that is on the top of it, as I don’t know if it is just a release switch to change out the Power Coins & then activate the lights, or it perhaps its the primary light and sound lever, or what exactly it does. Also, thanks again to Airlim we know that the Morpher does have what looks to be a belt clip on the back. I admit, I am more than likely going to wear the Power Morpher when I see the film on March 24th. Though it is strange that there is no handle for holding the Power Morpher. So do our heroes just hold it with both hands at the sides? Is the Morpher worn just on their belts and they activate it from there? Just more exciting questions coming about from images of this toy.

I’m am extremely excited for the movie and the toys. So much so that when BigBadToyStore placed these three toys up for pre-order on their site, I went ahead and placed my order for the Power Morpher & Power Sword. I will wait on the T-Rex Battle Zord. BigBadToyStore states that the toys should come in in December, so with any luck, they will be appearing in stores just before or around then. Should they come in before, I will buy the Power Morpher early (because why not have multiple Power Morphers right?). I can’t wait to see what else Bandai America has in store, and what Saban & Lionsgate have to reveal.

Thanks to RangerNation.com, Power Rangers Now, Airlim, and BigBadToyStore for all the coverage..



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