“New York Comic-Con 2016 Legacy Movie Red Ranger Figure Review”

October 17, 2016

If you didn’t all ready know, I am extremely excited for the 2017 Power Rangers Movie. So it should come as no surprise when Bandai America announced that one of their New York Comic-Con exclusives was going to be a Legacy Red Ranger Movie figure, that I would be buying it on eBay. Let’s get started and have a look at this glorious figure. 

New York Comic-Con 2016

Legacy Collection Movie Red Ranger Figure

Stunning, that is the first word that comes to mind when I look at this figure. The sheer amount of detail and design that went into this figure is great. However, it is not without it’s flaws.

This Movie Red Ranger figure is done in the same translucent / metallic red plastic as the San Diego Comic-Con Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Legacy figure. This helps really make the figure shine. This plastic really gives a look of power to the figure. The paint detailing is quite good. However, the legs are missing silver paint which makes them stand out a bit. For all the Legacy Figures have all ready done right, I really would have loved for the legs to have that silver paint detailing.

The articulation is mostly what you would expect now from a Legacy figure. But there is one different between this movie Red Ranger, and the standard Legacy Ranger figures. This figure does not have a bicep swivel on either arm. This means you cannot bring the arms in front of the figure’s chest, like you can with other Legacy Rangers. I believe this is due to the location and size of the shoulder “armor” of the movie suit. Upon looking at the prototypes for the Toys R Us exclusive Movie Legacy Figures, it appears that the males will be lacking the bicep swivel, while the females will have it. So while the lack of this does limit some poses, you can still get some great stances out of the figure, including a standing kick.

The figure comes with the Red Ranger’s sword. It’s a nice weapon accessory and it looks good with the figure holding it. But again, the missing bicep swivel does take away some poses that the other Legacy figures can be placed into with their weapons.

The other accessory, that is noted as being exclusive to this release, is the Red Ranger’s Movie Power Coin. From the moment the Power Coins were first shown off at SDCC, I loved them. I would very much love to have a set of the 3d printed Power Coins given out at SDCC. This version of the Power Coin is not the same size as those 3d printed versions, nor is it to scale with the coins in the movie. Nonetheless, the Power Coin does still look and feel good. It is just over an inch & a half across, so it still has that classic Power Coin size. You can see the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the coin, as well as the alien like gold details. This makes me even more anxious to learn what exactly the Morphers for the film will look like.

This figure, despite having a couple of flaws, is still a great addition to a Legacy Figure collection. I love the translucent / metallic plastic and the look it gives the figure. Bandai captured the look and feel of the movie suits quite well. The sword looks good being held by the Red Ranger, and the Power Coin is a great bonus. If you are like me and feel like you need this as part of your collection, you’ll likely enjoy it. However, if you would rather wait and just get the standard Movie Legacy Figures at Toys R Us when they are released, then you won’t likely miss out on much by passing up on this. I’m happy having it, and I can’t wait to see what all Bandai has in store for the Movie Toy Line.

Final Rating:

Four out of Five

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