“6.5” Legacy Figures - Wave 1 Review”

August 5, 2016

Wow, it has been a REALLY long time since I did a toy review. Can I even still do it? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

San Diego Comic-Con Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger Legacy Figure

Mighty Morpin Power Rangers Legacy Red Ranger Figure

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Green Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Red Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Yellow Ranger Legacy Figure

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Ninja Storm Megazord Build-A-Megazord Figure

I’ll start by saying this: these are the best Power Rangers figures I have ever purchased. I have collected Power Rangers toys for over twenty two years, spanning from the beginning to now. I’ve bought Bandai America, Bandai Japan, and SH Figuarts. These are truly the best of them all.

As soon as you take the toys out of the box and hold them, you feel how sturdy and solid they are. They don’t feel flimsy or fragile, they fill strong. Once you start playing with them, you’ll find all the posability both kid and collector want. Where so many other Power Rangers, and other brands, figures lack in more fluid and human-like articulation, these figures have it. Granted, there are always going to be some poses that will never look spot on, but you can still get really close with these Legacy Figures and their 22 points of articulation. The figures have enough joints and balance to allow you to pose them in kicking stances. The female Ranger figures even have a bit more posability than those from before, due to slits being places on the sides of the skit. This allows for the plastic to be more bendable and giving. Then there are the paint & details. Every Ranger’s color looks magnificent, going all the way down to their Morphers. The Mighty Morphin figures feature superb detailing on their Power Morphers, and the Ninja Storm Ranger’s Wind Morphers, while lacking paint details, do actually have their individual Power Discs. There are some tiny missing parts of paint application, but nothing that will actually ever detract from the enjoyment of these figures.

Now there is a tiny let down. The figures do not come with many accessories. The Mighty Morphin Red Ranger comes with his Blade Blaster in holster form. Mighty Morphin Green does come with the Sword of Darkness, the Dragon Dagger, and swappable hands for holding the dagger to have him playing it. The Ninja Storm Rangers each come with their Ninja Sword, both sword and sheathed version for their back. However, they do not have blaster modes. The versions for their backs just peg in simply to their back. Even with the lack of accessories, the weapons still look really good with a decent amount of paint detailing.

In place of extra weapons, Bandai America has chosen to include Build-A-Megazord pieces, with the core Rangers for each team. The Mighty Morphin Red Ranger comes with the Dino Megazord’s torso. Ninja Storm Red comes with the Ninja Storm Megazord’s torso, Blue comes with the right arm and leg, and Yellow comes with the left arm & leg. Putting the pieces together is very simple, as they use ball & socket joints. Once assembled, the Build-A-Megazord Ninja Storm Megazord looks nice. Granted it is missing a bit more paint details, but when posed or even displayed along with the Ranger figures, it all makes for an outstanding display. There are no weapons for the Ninja Storm Megazord though.

The San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Legacy Figure (that’s a mouth full) is a VERY nice addition to a collection. The Red Ranger is done in a semi-translucent red plastic, that in some ways almost gives it a metallic like look in the right light. It features all the same details and articulation as the standard release. However, instead of the Dino Megazord’s torso, you get a chrome plastic Power Sword and Dino Megazord’s Power Sword. This allows for even more fun when posing either Red Ranger with the sword, and should make the Dino Megazord figure stand out with it’s sword.

Again, these are my new favorite Power Rangers action figures. I honestly cannot find one problem to complain about with them. Yes, I do wish they included more accessories. However, I feel Bandai America has something up their sleeve to allow us to get those weapons & accessories later down the line. (Maybe a TRU exclusive pack with battle gear). Nevertheless, these are outstanding figures. For $20 each, you cannot go wrong with any of them. You get 6.5 inch Ranger figures that look great, feel sturdy, and allow for countless options of posability. Bandai America has truly outdone themselves with these. Add to the fact that Bandai has stated, that as long as these figures continue to sell, they will continue to march on making every single Ranger from the show. That has me throughly excited. I cannot wait for remaining Mighty Morphin figures, as well as the In Space figures, and all future Legacy Figures to come.

Final Rating:

Five out of Five

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