“Power Rangers Dino Charge: Breakout DVD Review”

July 13, 2016

Yes, it has been quite a while since I last posted here, but that’s about to change. So a review of the newest Power Rangers Dino Charge DVD is as good a start as any.


The Power Rangers will have to outsmart a puzzling villain, save a prince, and try to defeat Sledge’s monsters. When the evil Fury unleashes the powerful Ptera Zord, only the Power Rangers can regain control with the help of their newest ally - the Gold Ranger!


The third Dino Charge DVD has some decent artwork. The main focus is the Gold Ranger in the foreground, with Fury visible in his visor. In the background we see the Red Ranger with his saber, as well as the T-Rex and Petra Zords. It’s a good image, but still not up the same quality that the Super Megazord covers had last year. The DVD comes with a non-holo slip box cover. The back features the other four Rangers standing battle ready, the official description of the DVD, the episodes, and a reminder that you can download the episodes digitally. The disc features the main cover art image. It comes in a standard black DVD case. On the back of the digital download code slip is an advertisement for the other two Dino Charge DVDs that have been released thus far.


The Main Menu features the main Gold Ranger image from the cover artwork, the volume logo, a screen that plays short clips from the episodes, and the Dino Charge instrumental theme song plays in the background. The Episodes Menu shows thumbnails for the four episodes against a generic gold lightning background. Finally the Languages Menu has the Red Ranger with his saber image, with the language options to the left.


This third set of Dino Charge episodes are a good arc. From Fury controlling the Ptera Zord, to the arrival of the Gold Ranger himself, and his choice to join the team, these are fun and action packed shows. 

#9 - “When Logic Fails”
Riley's logical mind is tested when he must solve a very difficult puzzle after Fury and one of his henchmen catch the Rangers into a trap in the form of life-size maze..

#10 - “The Royal Rangers”
Tyler and Shelby pose as the Prince and Princess to discover the golden energem among the exhibits that the country of Zandar gave on loan. Fury to bring down a trap and regain control of the powerful Ptera Zord.

#11 - “Break Out”
Koda and the Rangers battle to save an arrogant prince and the Gold Energem.

#12 - “Knight After Knights”
The Rangers must demonstrate their value to persuade their latest ally, the Gold Ranger, but find they do not have the willpower to do so when one of Sledge's monsters steals their courage.

The disc does come with the digital download code, allowing you to download all four episodes from this disc.

This is a great DVD for Power Rangers fans of any age. These four Dino Charge episodes feature good story, fun adventure and some humorous scenes. This is a good addition to any Power Ranger fan’s DVD collection.

The Power Rangers Dino Charge: Breakout  DVD was released on July 12th, 2016, and is now available wherever DVDs are sold. It should cost $10 to $15, depending on the retail store.

Be sure to also pick up the complete Power Rangers Megaforce & Power Rangers Super Megaforce DVD sets on August 16, 2016.



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