“Mega Blade is My Mega Fav”

August 14, 2015

After you have collected anything for over twenty years, you being to think about what your favorite items in your collection are. As shocking as it may seem, my favorite Power Rangers toy is actually one from the recent past.

I should begin by explaining that I do not consider any of the Legacy items as toys. These are collectors items, due to their higher costs, as well as the inclusion of die cast metal in several pieces. When I think my favorite Power Rangers toys, I think of the main toy line that is geared towards ages four and up.

Yes, the Samurai Mega Blade is my favorite Power Rangers toy. From the first images of the Mega Mode and Mega Blade, I instantly loved them. The suits had that powerful armor feel, and the Mega Blade matched it perfectly. The weapon had an excellent layout of red, black, silver and gold paint, as well as a design that blending technology with Samurai style. So when Big Bad Toy Store got the Samurai Mega Blade in stock in December of 2010, I jumped on ordering it and not waiting for stores to get it in.

As soon as the sword arrived, I was greatly impressed. From the promotional images I could all ready tell it was a decent enough size, but once I had it in my hands, I was blown away. Power Rangers weapons have never been known for having a great size. As children we sometimes only remember how the toy weapons looked and felt in our young hands, yet when we go back now, we can easily see how small both we and the toys were. The Mega Blade however blew everything prior to its release away with its 28 inch length. Here was a Power Rangers sword that actually felt and looked like a sword in size.

Of course the size was only just the beginning of what made the Mega Blade my favorite. Countless Power Rangers toys that include sounds are usually limited to just about three or four, but the Mega Blade had much more packed inside it. You had your standard Samurai style “on” tone when it was switched on. Then when you had the blade folded into control mode and pressed the trigger, you heard the charging up sound. Next, when you pulled the link to morph it into sword mode, you got a great transformation sound. Once in sword mode you had four unique sounds to cycle through via the bottom link: clash, powered slash, powered roar slash, & Japanese instrumental battle music. Finally, you even got a change sound when you converted the toy back in controller mode.

Now the size, sounds and two different modes alone made this toy stand out. But Bandai wasn’t done quite yet, and they only added on more playability. Just like in the show, the Samurai Mega Blade could be combined with the Black Box Morpher or the Bullzooka. Granted the Black Box Morpher combination didn’t really do that much to make the toy stand out, nor did it add any new sounds, but it still gave it that added bit of fun and imaginative power boost. Finally, the Shogun Spear combination with the Bullzooka increased the size and gave us the Ranger’s Battlizer weapon (Yes, I consider Shogun Mode as a Battlizer). Again, there were no new sounds from the Shogun Spear formation, but it’s size and appearance still made this feel like an even more powerful weapon.

With all of this, the Samurai Mega Blade won the top spot for me. I love the design, the sounds, the features and all it’s combinations. It’s a toy that had never been achieved before, nor has it been since. I wish Bandai America would still make Deluxe Battlegear this size, but that doesn’t appear likely for a while. Despite that, we have now gotten a re-release of the Samurai Mega Blade with the new Power Rangers The Gold Collection line. It is the exact same toy as the original, just in a new packaging. It’s now available exclusively in Toys R Us stores and the Toys R Us website. So if you didn’t pick up the Mega Blade in 2011 and 2012, or you’re like me and just wanted yet another Mega Blade. you’ve got your chance now.



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