“The Legendary Battle DVD Review”

August 10, 2015

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce The Legendary Battle DVD comes out this week. The final two Super Megaforce episodes in their special extended edition movie. These are the final must-see, action packed shows.


Heroic teens Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia and Jake have defended our planet countless times as the newest team of Power Rangers. But when evil Emperor Mavro launches a final strike against Earth, they are called back into action! To defeat the greatest threat the galaxy has ever seen, the Super Megaforce Rangers will reunite with their alien friend Orion, the Silver Ranger, and fight alongside every Ranger from the past 20 years — including the original Mighty Morphin Green Ranger — in the most legendary battle in Power Ranger history!


For the final Super Megaforce DVD, the cover art returns to the great style of other Lionsgate releases. This artwork is truly poster worthy as it shows the Super Megaforce team and countless previous Rangers behind them, and Emperor Mavro in the sky above them with his forces. The volume comes with a holo-box style cover. The back cover features the core five Rangers on the side, the story of the episodes, and some Legendary Rangers standing atop the rubble. The disc features the main cover art image. It comes in a standard black DVD case.


The main menu features a setup to match the cover artwork. After not selecting anything for a few second, clips from the episodes & battle begin to play in the main center of the menu. The “Scenes” menu has a basic map grid type of design to it. The Megaforce/Super Megaforce instrumental theme plays during the Main Menu screen.


This final volume contains episodes nineteen and twenty of Super Megaforce. These are non-stop action episodes that show the Super Megaforce team giving everything they’ve got to take down the armada and the Emperor himself. It all leads to a battle where all the Rangers from the past come to lend their help to the Rangers, and save the day. Again, these two episodes are presented as a special extended movie, and it is a great presentation.

19. The Wrath
Believing that the earth is no longer threatened, Orion returns home, but not without making his heartbreaking farewell to the Mega Rangers. But Gosei intercepts a message from the Emperor Mavro, head of the Armada, suggesting he is preparing a new invasion.

20. Legendary Battle
Emperor Mavro and what remains of his fleet fought relentlessly against the Power Rangers, who are weakened and have lost their Zords. In a final burst of heroism, they enter the final battle. Unexpectedly, at this moment every Power Ranger generation in existence arrives to assist them in battle. Through their combined efforts, they are able to destroy the Emperor and his fleet to once again save the Earth.

The disc does actually have a bonus feature. Lionsgate “borrowed” the “Power Rangers: A Legacy” featurette from Shout! Factory. It’s a cool ten minute feature that shows Power Rangers actors and actresses talking about being part of the 20+ year history of Power Rangers, what it means to them, and how it has changed their lives. 

The DVD also comes with a digital download code insert. With this code, you can get all five of these episodes in digital format, for your computer & mobile devices.

This is must have Power Rangers DVD. I know some fans were not satisfied with the Legendary Battle, but for myself, I found it fun and enjoyable. Like all of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, I thought the final episodes were entertaining. For fans of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, young or old, this is a great DVD to have in your collection. It’s good to have a bonus feature, and having the extended edition finale makes this disc worth the purchase price.

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Legendary Battle DVD will be available on August 11th, wherever DVDs are sold. It should cost $10 to $15, depending on the retail store.

Coming out next will be Power Rangers Trickster Treat, on September 15, 2015.



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