“Dino Charge Mini Toy Review 3”

April 20, 2015

Well after a month, I am back with a new entry. With the Spring line of the Dino Charge toys drawing to a close, I wanted to take a look at the last few items that make up the Spring line.

Dino Charger Power Packs Wave 3

First I should explain why exactly this is “Wave 3”. The first wave were the five main Ranger’s Charger Packs, that were released in the “egg” style packages. These Dino Chargers featured black outlined numbers, and non-show accurate stickers inside the Chargers themselves. Wave 2 corrected the numbers, changing them from black outlines to white. The second wave still contained just the core five Charger Packs, and still came in the eggs. Now we come to Wave 3. This time around almost everything has changed. The packaging is now more standard to the Dino Charge line. The normal Dino Chargers themselves feature both white outlined numbers, as well as show accurate reflective, metallic stickers. Finally, Wave 3 includes a total of ten Charger Packs. So if you’ve held off on getting the Charger Packs, Wave 3 allows a good jumping in place.

With that bit explained, I was very excited for this wave of Chargers. Not only to have the toys featuring white numbers, but also the accurate stickers. I should make this clear. The NON-FOSSIL Chargers are the ones that feature the special stickers. The Fossil Chargers do not have any changes done to them. All the Chargers look great with the numbers & stickers. Plus, all ten mini Dinos look amazing in their tiny size. Having them all together makes it look like a small dinosaur zoo.

As before, all the Chargers have four different pictures that you can rotate through by pressing the main button on the top. This allows for the “Powering Up” play. All the Dino Chargers feature QR codes that allow you to scan them with Bandai America’s Dino Charge app. But of course the main play feature is using them with the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher. Below is a list of each pack, it’s Chargers, and the sounds they unlock in the Morpher.

Charger Pack 1

Tyrannosaurus Rex Charger - “T-Rex Charger” & “Tyrannosaurus Rex! Power Ranger Red!”

Ammonite Fossil Charger - “Dino Hypnotize Charger” & “Ammonite!”

Charger Pack 2

Parasaurolophus Charger - “Para Charger” & “Parasaurolophus! Power Ranger Black!”

Deinosuchus Fossil Charger - “Dino Armor X Charger” & “Deinosuchus!”

Charger Pack 3

Stegosaurus Charger - “Stego Charger” & “Stegosaurus! Power Ranger Blue!”

Styracosaurus Fossil Charger - “Dino Cupid Charger” & “Styracosaurus!”

Charger Pack 4

Velociraptor Charger - “Raptor Charger” & “Velociraptor! Power Ranger Green!”

Iguanodon Fossil Charger - “Dino Laugh Charger” & “Iguanodon!”

Charger Pack 5

Triceratops Charger - “Tricera Charger” & “Triceratops! Power Ranger Pink!”

Diplodocus Fossil Charger - “Dino Stretch Charger” & “Diplodocus!”

Charger Pack 11

Deinonychus Charger - “Dino Cycle Charger” & “Deinonychus!”

Fukuiraptor Fossil Charger - “Dino Helio Charger” & “Fukuiraptor!”

Charger Pack 12

Deinosuchus Charger - “Dino Armor X Charger” & “Deinosuchus!”

Allosaurus Fossil Charger - “Dino Blaze Charger” & “Allosaurus!”

Charger Pack 13

Kentrosaurus Charger - “Dino Spike Charger” & “Kentrosaurus!”

Tapejara Fossil Charger - “Dino Squash Charger!” & “Tapejara!”

Charger Pack 14

Styracosaurus Charger - “Dino Cupid Charger” & “Styracosaurus!”

Parasaurolophus Fossil Charger - “Para Charger” & “Parasaurolophus! Power Ranger Black!”

Charger Pack 15

Allosaurus Charger - “Dino Blaze Charger” & “Allosaurus!”

Deinonychus Fossil Charger - “Dino Cycle Charger” & “Deinonychus!”

These are great toys for both kids & collectors.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

5” Action Villains Fury & Vivix

A Power Rangers action figure line would not be complete without some villains for the Rangers to fight. Now while we know we can expect a great deal more villain figures this year, for now we start out with just the basic Vivix and Fury.

Fury is nicely done on the main details. His looks are good, with some small exceptions. The “gold” areas on him are more of a dull bronze, so he looks a bit lacking in that aspect. His poseability is pretty good. While he lacks a wrist joint, his elbow joint does include a 360 degree swivel. His legs can still be posed in a variety of positions, even with his “skirt”.

The Vivix, while great in looks, is just kinda basic. The detailing on the figure looks very good. The poseability is just as strong as any of the male Ranger figures. The only point of less articulation is the head. This is due to the seaweed-like hair of the Vivix. My primary point of disappointment with the figure is the total lack of accessories. All you get is the figure itself, and while that is good, I don’t see why we could not have been given some weapon for the Vivix to hold. Even the image of the Vivix from the show, that is on the packaging, shows them with a weapon on their arm.

Still, both of these figures are good for kids and collectors, and they will only increase in fun & playability when more villains are released later.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

5” Action Hero Dino Charge Megazord

I have to admit that this was not a figure I had planned on getting. From the retailer shots and early pictures, there was just something off about it. Still, I bought it and think it is worth considering.

The Dino Charge Megazord figure captures most of the main details of the Megazord. I think the legs are what throw me a bit. For one there just being so much red, and then I don’t think the red actually goes up high enough on the legs. The shoulders I think could have been done a bit better, giving some more detail or just a bit larger. The figure features a good amount of articulation, allowing for some very cool poses. It comes with the Megazord’s saber, done just in red plastic.

I think the figure is okay. Kids will have even more play fun with it once the Vivizord figures, and other villain 5” figures are released. For collectors, it’s something you can take or leave. There’s nothing that screams awesome, but it’s not completely horrible either.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

I think Bandai America has really done a terrific job on the Spring Dino Charge toy line. From what we know of the Fall Line, I’m excited for everything that is still to come.



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