“Power Rangers Top Five: Power Sources”

March 13, 2015

Tying a bit to last week’s Top Five, this time I want to talk about the actual Power Source for the Rangers. Sometimes the Ranger’s have had just vague devices that grant them their powers. Other times they have been solid objects, usually somewhat magical in origin, that hold their power. So let’s dive right in to my Power Rangers Top Five: Power Sources.

#5 - The Dino Gems

I have always enjoyed gems, crystals and the like. For Dino Thunder, I quite enjoyed both the look of the Dino Gems, as well as their story and power. Their design looked good, with four of the five not trying to look like any perfect shape. Trent’s White Dino Gem being a four pointed diamond made sense to me, since everything about his powers seemed to be pointed and sharp. The civilian powers the Dino Gems granted were enjoyable, and I really liked the bracelets that held the gems, until the Rangers needed their Morphers. A recent added bonus has been the knowledge that the Dino Gems had to have come from an asteroid that Sledge was carrying around behind his ship. So both the Dino Gems & the Energems were on the Earth at the same time.

#4 - The Quasar Sabers

It’s one thing having a power source that is inside a Morpher, or at your command base, but having it be your main sidearm? That is very cool. I remember that first shot of the Quasar Sabers in the stone, and that feeling of knowing that these were powerful weapons. The entire setup for the sabers was well executed. The design was simple, yet powerful. I liked how each Ranger’s saber was the same, except for their animal emblem on the hilt. All the action scenes with the Quasar Sabers just helped reinforce their strength.

#3 - The Dinosaur Power Coins

My love of the Power Morpher is tied heavily to the Power Coins. The original Dinosaur Power Coins looked simply amazing. Just the dimensional images of each Dinosaur, as well as the Dragonzord & Tigerzord emblems, made these coins look powerful all by themselves. Then you add in their ability to become Power Crystals for controlling the Dinozords, and that made them even cooler in my eyes. There were even episodes that helped reinforce the fact that all the Ranger’s powers came from those coins, such as “The Green Candle”, and “Return of an Old Friend”.

#2 - The Ninja Power Coins

As much as I love the original Power Coins, when the Ninja Powers & Power Coins came along, I loved them more. I know they didn’t actually have as much features or episode focus as the Dino Power Coins, but I still loved them. I think it was the change after two years. The new and original designs of the six Ninja Animal Spirits were cool, and still had that same powerful look & feel. While not having a Power Crystal ability, I still felt they had their own unique features. These coins were what allowed the Rangers to access their Ninja Ranger Power mode. It was through these Ninja Power Coins that the Rangers were even able to be granted & control two sets of Zords, a full team of cycles, and a team power-up armor. It is just too bad that we haven’t gotten a full team of Legacy Ninja Power Coins. I’d love to see these get the Legacy treatment, but for now I’ll be happy with the ones that came with the 1995 Mighty Morpin Power Rangers the Movie McDonalds Power Morpher.

#1 - The Zeo Crystal

The BEST Power Source EVER. To start with, the Zeo Crystal was introduced in an amazing three-part story. We got a stellar backstory for the crystal, including the fact that Lord Zedd may have gotten the look he had because he tried to obtain the crystal, but was too evil. The entire adventure to get the crystal, protect it and finally hide was a thrill ride. Then came the saga of actually retrieving the Zeo Sub-Crystals. This made the Alien Rangers tale even more enjoyable, as it helped shape the Rangers and told of their ancestor’s past. Once retrieved and reunited, the power of the Zeo Crystal is what made it possible to return the Rangers, and the planet Earth, back to normal. It gave the team their new powers, and powered everything for them. I loved the design of the Zeo Crystal so much that I would have been so happy to have toy of it. In fact, I would love for a Legacy Zeo Crystal to be made *wink wink nudge nudge Bandai* Still, there is one fact that will always make the Zeo Crystal my favorite. It’s power continues to increase with time. A power source that will never run out of power, but instead will continue to strengthen. There’s no way any Power Source will ever beat it.



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