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March 10, 2015

As with any series I dive into, I end up buying toys and collectibles from said series. It should then come as no surprise that I have started buying select Star Wars toys. So I wanted to put together a series of mini reviews of the Star Wars items, and give my thoughts & recommendations.

Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader & Yoda

First up are the Star Wars Black Series figures. The figures I bought are the Darth Vader & Yoda figures from the 6” line. Both figures are very well done, featuring cloth material for some of their clothing, various points of articulation, great paint detailing, and nice accessories.

Master Yoda does not have as much poseablity as other figures in the line, due to his smaller size. “Judge me by my size, do you?” Yes Master, in this instance I have to. I would have preferred if he had knee joints that would  allow him to sit. Instead he can only stand. Still, it is nice to have him hold his cane, Lightsaber, or both. Oh, he also comes with a snake, but I threw that accessory in a drawer and will never have use for it.

Darth Vader is a great figure to have. His black cloth cape is excellently done, and it has two thicker material pieces on the front, inside corners. These allow the cape to be positioned more easily, either in front or behind. The chain has a good shine to it, and his poseability is nice. He comes with his Lightsaber, and you can also remove the helmet, thus revealing Anakin’s older & scarred face.

Both of these figures are great for collectors, but likely not meant for children. At $20 a figure, they might be a bit steep at first, but once you have them, I think you’ll consider your money well spent.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Disney Store Darth Vader & Yoda Lightsabers

As I have stated before, I always respected the Lightsaber as a weapon. I collected a few various versions before now, but I felt they never fully captured the fun & size of the weapon. That was until I found these at my local Disney Store.

These Lightsabers are close to what other stores carry as the Ultimate FX Lightsabers. They feature the white blade, that then cascades with color up or down when powering on or off, motion sensor to match movement sounds, clashing sounds, and vibration when coming in contact with another Lightsaber. However, unlike the standard retail Ultimate FX Lightsabers, these Disney Store versions only cost $30, instead of the retail $40.

Now I will fully admit that I do not know exactly how well the hilts come to being 100% accurate. But from my view, they are nicely done. The hilts do feature a bit of rubberized plastic, thus allowing for a better grip for children & adults. Master Yoda’s Lightsaber measures about 32.5 inches, and Darth Vader’s is 33.5 inches.

While they may not be great for the extreme collector or ultimate cosplayer, I think these Lightsabers are great for casual fans & collectors of all ages. The sounds & lights alone make them worth the price. I just hope that the Disney Store will widen the range of these to include other Lightsabers in the near future.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Medium Plush Yoda & R2-D2

I am a sucker for plush toys. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I just never grew out of the idea of having & collecting plush characters. I have three Doctor Who medium plush toys from Underground toys, so I knew that they also made Star Wars plush, and I wanted to have Master Yoda & everyone’s favorite Astromech.

Again, having bought previous medium plush, I knew the price was $20 for each toy. However, I was very surprised when I found these two at Toys R Us, in an open cardboard display, with each plush only having a tag instead of an open box, and they were only $10 each. Needless to say I snagged them quickly at that price.

Per usual, the toys have their own unique sounds taken right from the movies. R2-D2 is the most basic, in that he only has one series of sounds. No matter how many times you press his sound button, the same series with play. Yoda comes with five phrases: “When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not, hmm?” “Concentrate. Feel the Force flow. Yes.” “Mmm, a Jedi uses the Force.” “Judge me by my size, do you?” “For 800 years, have I trained Jedi.” Though I do wish mine said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I know previous versions had this, but this newest edition doesn’t

These are great 9” tall plush toys for both kids and collectors, especially if you can find these at the cheaper $10 price. If you are looking for other characters from the Star Wars universe, just check out Underground Toy’s vast selection and you’ll likely find the character you want as a plush.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Hallmark Itty Bitty Star Wars Characters

Another sure fire way to get me to buy an item? Have the item be a stylized toy. So when Hallmark decided to make Star Wars Itty Bittys, that were both plush & stylized, I was doomed.

The Itty Bitty line from Hallmark is a series of small 4.5 inch tall plush toys. They have basic designs to them, while still capturing the main details of characters. They are weighted by beads in their bottom portion, allowing them to stand somewhat easily. The Star Wars Itty Bitty line started in 2014, and is expanding further this year.

Currently the Star Wars Itty Bittys are available in the following: a 4-Pack containing Luke, Obi Wan, C-3PO, & Jawa, a Two-Pack containing Han & Leia, and individual Itty Bittys of Darth Vader, R2-D2, Master Yoda, and Chewbacca. Later this year Hallmark will be releasing a 4-Pack Hoth set that will include Hoth Luke, Hoth Han, Wampa, & Tauntaun. There will also be an individual Storm Trooper, and special Holiday versions of Yoda, R2-D2, C-3PO and Chewbacca. Last year Hallmark released a two-pack at San Diego Comic Con that had a Tusken Raider & Bantha. This year’s SDCC exclusive will be a Bobba Fett Itty Bitty. Finally, Hallmark also has made a JUMBO Itty Bitty of Darth Vader. This version is very large, in both size & price (24” tall & $129.99). Sadly, the Force has not been strong enough with my wallet to bring this version home with me. Individual Itty Bittys retail for about $7, the two-pack is about $12, and the four-pack is close to $30. They can be purchased at any Hallmark Gold Crown store.

Each of these figures are fun, and look great in one big collection. I think they would be excellent for any family introducing their very young children to Star Wars. They are safe for little kids and fun for them to collect.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Radio Controlled Inflatable R2-D2

Not having the skills or talents necessary to build my own R2-D2, I went looking for something that would be close enough to life scale. As I was browsing through my local Radio Shack, I found this guy. I waited a bit and then finally bought him.

This is a good remote controlled toy. R2 himself in inflatable and looks quiet nice once you get him aired up. I should warn you though, if you buy the most recent release of him in the Disney era Star Wars box, you will not get an air pump to inflate him with. Earlier releases included the pump. Still, once he is inflated, he looks great and would be an excellent room decoration by himself since he measures over 25” tall.

But this is a remote controlled toy, so there is more to this R2-D2 than just looks. You attach a small battery powered motor underneath him, and then control him via a simple remote. You can move R2 front, back, left turns or right turns, or a mixture of moves. Plus, R2 will not fall over. With all the weight being located in the motor, when he starts to fall down, the weight from the bottom will right the droid easily.

I only have one small issue with this toy. There are no sounds with him. Everyone knows that a big part of the love & enjoyment of R2-D2 are his sounds. I would have liked for at least the remove controller to have a series of sounds in it, that would play when you commanded R2 to move around. Or just have one button that would play various R2 sounds from the controller.

Still, this a really good toy for kids. I can see them having lots of imaginative fun with it. For adults, you’ll enjoy the remote controlled feature, but the display value of this R2-D2 is great as well. He normally retails for about $35, but I was lucky enough to get mine for half off at a Radio Shack that was closing.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5



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