“Power Rangers Top Five: Morphers”

March 6, 2015

In every major science fiction franchise, there is one role-play item that fans want. That one tool or weapon everyone wants to hold, and just imagine for a moment that it is real. For Star Wars it’s the Lightsabers. With Doctor Who it’s the Sonic Screwdriver. And with Power Rangers, it is always the Morphers. Throughout the past two decades, the Morphers have been the one item that I wanted first from every season. They are a huge source of attention, and now carry with them multiple uses. We’ve had basic hand held devices, cell phones, wrist worn Morphers, and even *shudders* sun glasses. Here are my top five favorite Morphers.

#5 - Overdrive Tracker

I felt this was a cell phone style Morpher that worked perfectly. It never felt big and bulky, but instead felt compact. Plus, it had multiple functions beyond just Morphing. The Rangers used it to summon, as well as combine their Zords. Best of all was that it served as a scanning device. To top it off, the spinning gimmick on it was just fun to mess with. I love when technology Morphers serve multiple purposes, and this one hit the mark.

#4 - Delta Morpher

Yes, another SPD item makes it into the top five. These technology based devices were compact as well. I liked the idea of taking a police badge and making it a Morpher. Not only that, but throwing in a communication device, computer and a judgement scanner too. It all fit the police theme perfectly. Performing the Morph movements was enjoyable, and the sounds in the Morpher were fantastic. Okay, the sounds were good in the Japanese versions, but the US ones suffered from splattering sounds. Still, these were fun Morphers to hold, and were well used in the show.

#3 - Thundersaurus Morpher

While I like the previous two Morphers, their only flaw is that they are all the same for all five core Rangers. I like it more when Morphers have a point of individuality. They need to have something that let’s you know which Morpher is meant for which Ranger. The Thundersaurus Morphers did this quite well. They looked very impressive and colorful on the wrists. The open & closing jaw was a nice technique. While they were kinda low on features, they still made for great, unique, and colorful Morphers.

#2 - Zeonizer

Yes, I know these too are standard and non-unique, but I still love the Zeonizers. This was the first time we got wrist worn Morphers, but it wasn’t just this, it was that you had to align them to Morph. There is just some special appeal about the design, and the idea of a smaller crystal tying to the main Zeo Crystal. When you put the two devices together, and got them lined up, it was so much fun to imagine the power surging through them. Plus having them just appear on the Ranger’s wrists with them just quickly turning their wrists was great fun. From the first time I saw the toy in the Zeo Spring Wave Toy Brochure, I just loved them. I even wore out the gold chrome on mine, and I wouldn’t fix it at all.

#1 - Power Morpher

No, this isn’t looking at things through nostalgia glasses. Remember, I like Morphers to have a point of individuality, and the Power Morphers have them front in center. The overall design of the Power Morpher is one that is just so simple, and yet so outstanding. The mix of silver, black & red make it stand out. Then with each Ranger’s Power Coin being in the center, it brings it together to give off a feeling of real power. As a child with the original, it was so much fun imagining & feeling like the power was coming from each Power Coin. Now as an adult, it’s even more enjoyable to be able to look at my Legacy Power Morpher collection, and still get those chills of raw power. Now if only we could get all six Ninja Power Coins released in Legacy form. ;)



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