February 27, 2015

When I was fourteen I was writing fan fiction. From time to time I would read these stories to my mom or grandparents. One Saturday while I was at my grandparent’s house, I remember asking my parents when I could begin using foul language in my stories, to make them more mature. The answer both my parents & my grandparents gave me has remained with me ever since. They all told me that bad words do not make anything more adult or mature. Good writing, interesting characters and enveloping stories are what make something mature.

This week we got to witness what happens when individuals, who did not learn such a lesson, attempt to take a beloved children’s brand, and make it “mature”. Sadly their Power Rangers film included more than just foul language for the sake of foul language. No, their rendition included far worse materials including obscene violence, illegal substances, and other matters I will not mention here. I did watch all of this peculiar spectacle, and found myself wondering why anyone would ever feel the need to put so much vulgarity into a child’s brand.

I have seen Batman The Dark Knight used in comparisons. Batman is a comic book character. It has had several children’s television series. It is a large action figure toy seller. So, many say that this “adult” Power Rangers fan creation is along the same lines as The Dark Knight. I offer you this point instead. What do you remember most about The Dark Knight? Did they swear obscenely and constantly? Was there a gruesome amount of blood? Was there only violence for the sake of violence? The answer to these is a simple ‘no’. The Dark Knight is revered because of the subject matter, it’s story, and most of all the characters. Many people walk away from seeing The Dark Knight, and are left viewing things differently. Or they ponder the questions asked by the film.

There are many other great films, television shows & franchises that respect the audience by telling great stories for all ages. Harry Potter is a children’s book series, but it and it’s movies are beloved by both children and adults. There are not vulgar levels of content in any of them, yet they are still beloved. Star Wars is one of the keystones of science fiction, and it has remained so without ever sinking to a level of using gore & illegal substances. Doctor Who has been around for over fifty years, not through using sex or violence, but by having lovable & relatable characters, and telling stories that both excite and challenge one’s mind.

Power Rangers is in it’s twenty-second season. It has continued to thrive for so long, because it too has told amazing stories, and had outstanding characters. The director of this fan film was quoted as saying, “I just wanted to make Power Rangers good for once.” Sir, as a life-long Power Rangers fan, who has seen every single episode, I can attest to the fact that Power Rangers has been good on several occasions. Power Rangers has tackled death, standing for what is right, believing in one’s self, and many more important issues. They have done this all while never resorting to sheer shock value. The amazing success of Power Rangers is thanks to Haim Saban, Shuki Levy, Tony Oliver, Jackie Marchand, Doug Sloan, Koichi Sakamoto, Bruce Kalish, Greg Aronowitz, Judd “Chip” Lynn, and countless more caring & talented individuals, as well as the fans from all age groups..

Thankfully, Saban Brands has succeeded in having this fan creation removed from it’s original video sources. Granted with the Internet as it is, I know it shall always remain out there somewhere for someone to find, should they so wish to do so. However, I am happy that the children, the core audience will not accidentally stumble upon that filth. No, they will continue to see Power Rangers as they are; bright & colorful heroes, who while perhaps silly at times, still stand for fairness, honestly, and what is right.

I wish to close with my final message to the film’s producer and it’s director. Power Rangers has lasted over twenty-two years, and shall continue to do so long after your film has been forgotten. Or, to put it a better way…Say goodnight fellas, because the REAL Power Rangers are here to stay.



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