“Power Rangers Top Five: Suits”

February 20, 2015

The old saying goes, “the clothes make the man”. Well, the same can be said for Power Rangers. The Ranger suits help define the season. You can have busy suits like Turbo, odd design choices in Lost Galaxy, or simple & stylish in Mighty Morphin. No matter what, a good portion of what we all remember from each season are the suits & their designs. So here are my Power Rangers Toy Five: Suits.

#5 - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

This look just seemed to work from the get go. First you have each Ranger having their “shield” emblem pass over them to form their suit, and then each Ranger’s unique rescue unit style visor on their helmet. I love the simplicity of the Ranger color and white. The gold accent helped as well with the cuffs and belt. It all seems to look very sleek, but still gives off an actual rescue hero look to it as well.

#4 - Power Rangers Zeo

I think the visors are what sold me first on the Zeo suits. Coming off of the Mighty Morphin suits for three years, the Zeo suits had a new look to them that was very welcoming. I like how the helmets stood out with each Ranger’s Zeo Crystal symbol. The gold detailing on the chest I felt worked great, as most everything in Zeo was being created by Zordon, Alpha & Billy, so seeing some almost technological design in the chest fit well. Once more, the simplicity of the overall look just helped make this one of my favorites.

#3 - Power Rangers SPD

I know, you probably thought this would be number one since it’s my favorite season. I do really like the SPD suits, but not enough for them to be my all time favorite. I love the numbers on the suits the most, followed very closely by the helmet designs. These suit looked and felt futuristic. From the first look at them, I could tell these were meant as a police force. The silver and white accent colors worked perfectly. While they could be considered to appear a bit busy in design, it’s not enough to detract from the enjoyment of them.

#2 - Mighty Morphin

I fully believe these suits played at huge part in Mighty Morphin’s success. As I’ve stated before, it’s simplicity that makes a suit stand out. The Mighty Morphin suits were excellent in their design & color scheme, just primarily relying on the Ranger color and white. They stood out and looked uniform. Each helmet brought individuality to the Ranger, yet they still all looked united when together. Add in the Green Ranger suit with the amazing Gold Armor, and you’ve got a team that looks stupendous.

#1 - Power Rangers Samurai

Yep, I like the Samurai suits the best. These Ranger suits look spectacular. They are elegant, and yet powerful in design to me. I love each Ranger’s Kanji symbol on their helmet, the brilliant use of the black accent color, and of course the samurai kimono design. This team looks like a force you do not want to mess with, just with them standing still. Granted the seasons themselves may not have completely enforced that idea, but the suits still possessed a sense of power of their own.



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