“Toy Fair 2015 Recap”

February 18, 2015

Toy Fair 2015 has come and gone, and Bandai America had a really good showing of Power Rangers Dino Charge toys. Some items were expected, while others came as a complete surprise. This entry will recap the important toys that were shown, and give my opinions on them. Special thanks to No Pink Spandex for attending the event, taking tons of pictures, and providing some great video of the Bandai America booth.

Let’s start with the only lackluster portion of Bandai’s showing. The Legacy Line continues to be a success, and as such, Bandai showed off two new items. First we have the Movie Legacy figures, which are now hitting Toys R Us store shelves. I’m happy to see Bandai continue to capture the packaging look, as well as the detail of the movie suits. They also showcased a Black & Gold Megazord release. This is to honor the original ‘93 Black & Gold Megazord (which I never got as a child). I have to admit that I was expecting something more. I would have loved to have seen a Legacy Thunder Megazord, or at least a Legacy Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Two items revealed in the Basic Battle Gear were the Gold Ranger’s Morpher & Saber. I have to admit, for these two toys being in the basic assortment, they look pretty good. Granted they could use a bit more paint detailing, but I think they look better than past basic weapons.

Bandai showed many more Dino Charger Packs, both in & out of package. Two interesting notes about these new Chargers. One - The packaging for the Dino Charger Packs is all ready undergoing a style change. Gone will be the rounded “egg” style packaging, and in their place will be a more “standard” shape. Two - Bandai continues to progress towards making the Chargers more show accurate. The first batch had an orange style backing for the Dinosaur images. However, the new Chargers will have a show accurate metallic reflective sticker. While it is good to see Bandai trying to get the toys to look more like what is seen in the show, for collectors it can be a bit frustrating to have to buy the same toys over again.

The Feature Zord was displayed. This item, while cool with lights, sounds & moving features, will be an easy pass for me. I think it will be a great item for kids though.

While seeing the Pachycephalosaurus Zord was almost a given, it was very unexpected to see an Ammonite Zord. I am very happy to see Bandai America making Zords for Dinosaurs that even Bandai Japan didn’t make toys of. Granted these Dinos won’t actually have Zords in the show itself, but for sheer display & play value, it is going to be very enjoyable having many more Dino Zords.

The Petra Charge Megazord was cool to see. It looks pretty good so far, but I do wonder if the hands are finalized. Something about the location or placement of the hands on the Megazord just doesn't seem accurate. Maybe I’m wrong, or perhaps the look will grow on me.

When we first started hearing about the Mixx & Morph figures, I had to wonder what exactly Bandai was going to do with this. The 2010 Power Rangers Mixx & Morph line was a failure, so I was hoping this new line would not be similar. I’m very happy with what was shown at the event, and in the press images. These figures, while a bit odd at first glance, I think could work well. It will be cool being able to swap out limbs and pieces from various Rangers & Megazords from the current and past seasons. Plus I think it’s neat that some past Megazords are getting repaint releases for this line, thus adding more creative & imaginative fun.

I was wondering exactly how Bandai was going to tackle the Ranger’s combined weapon. Now seeing the Dino Spike, I’m actually okay with their approach. I agree it would have been nice if we had gotten all five weapons, that then were able to combined. However, if you think back, usually these types of weapon sets end up making the individual weapons quite small. With this kind of release, kids still get a Dino Spike sword, but they also get a dino chomping style weapon as well. So I think this is a good choice.

The Gold Ranger figure & the Ptera Charge Megazord figure were shown off. These two look very nice. The Ptera Charge figure looks much better than the Dino Charge Megazord figure. The fall “Armor On” Rangers were also shown, but I think those will be an easy pass for me.

Finally we have the big shocker. Bandai is giving us a total of 11 Villain Figures this year. YES! We are finally getting several villain figures in the main Power Rangers action figure line. You have to go all the way back to Power Rangers Turbo in 1997 to remember us getting multiple villains. Even then the villains didn’t have that great a distribution that year. I am very excited that we are getting Sledge, Wrench, Vivizord, and many Monsters. I sincerely hope that Poisandra gets a figure as well. It is going to be great setting up an actual battle display with the figures.

So that’s what we have to look forward to with the 2015 Dino Charge & Legacy toys. I’m pleased and can’t wait for these items to being showing up on stores shelves.

Again, special thanks to No Pink Spandex for their outstanding coverage of the event.



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