“Power Rangers Top Five: Seasons”

February 13, 2015

I decided to have some fun and start a series of Power Rangers Top Five ledger entries. These will go over various top fives of mine from the Power Rangers series. They will span seasons, Zords, suits, and more. As of the writing of this, I am not allowing anything from Dino Charge to be taken into consideration for these lists, since it is still airing. As such, the only seasons I am looking at and considering are from Mighty Morphin Season One to Super Megaforce. Finally, I should remind everyone that these are just my own personal opinions and have no real impact on anything. Again, this is all just for fun. With that said, let’s begin with my Power Rangers Top Five: Seasons.

#5 - Power Rangers Time Force

This was when Power Rangers took on some topics I never thought it would. Seriously, the season premiere has the Red Ranger DIE in it. Well…we are led to believe he dies. That right there is a big shocker. The rest of the season just continued on with a great adventure. I loved Wes’ story and growth, as well as Jen’s. I always had the sense that what they were fighting for was important, and that the monsters attacking weren’t your standard “oh, there’s this week’s monster”. This season had a purpose, some light humor, and actually taught some great lessons. Plus, it was the first police theme for Power Rangers, and that always gets a plus from me.


#4 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three

This was the season of story arcs. Coming off of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, I wondered where and how season three would work. I was surprised but still pleased when we got a four-parter start with “Ninja Quest”. This felt like an in-show style movie. I liked the Ninja outfits, the new Power Coins, the Ninja Zords and I LOVED Ninjor. From there the ride just kept getting better. From Catherine’s arrival and Kim’s departure, to the new Shogun Zords, Master Vile’s arrival, the Alien Ranger saga, and everything ending in the most shocking way imaginable - the Command Center getting blown up. Season Three of Mighty Morphin just had it all, and was just so much fun to watch.

#3 - Power Rangers Zeo

So how do you top Mighty Morphin Season Three? Well with much of the slate wiped clean, you start with everything new. Unlike others, I LOVED and was thrilled to finally see almost everything in Power Rangers change. I was won over the instant I saw the Zeo toys in Toys R Us, and my love only grew with every single episode. Zeo took our heroes and continued to have them grow, all while giving us great new adventures with new Powers, Weapons, Zords & Villains. Plus, Zeo had the BEST Sixth Ranger introduction ever. The entire mystery of the Gold Ranger, the promos, and his theme song all made for some of the most enjoyable and thrilling times in Power Rangers for me. I only wish the season had gotten a fitting conclusion. But on the upside, I still believe everything from the Zeo arsenal is sitting in Angel Grove’s “Zordon Mountain”, just waiting and growing more powerful.

#2 - Power Rangers In Space

This was it. This was when Power Rangers really showed just how the show had it’s own universe. We had gotten small parts of this idea with Aquitar, Triforia, and a couple of other planets the Rangers had visited for short adventures. But In Space actually took the team into outer space, and everything was on the line, especially Zordon’s life. Coming off the only season finale with the words “To Be Continued Next Season…Power Rangers In Space”, this season literally took off like a rocket. I loved Andros as the leader, all the adventures the Rangers went on, the story with Karone, the return appearances of the Phantom Ranger, the Psycho Ranger saga, and an epic season finale. This season had tons of action, as well as great heart, and an outstanding ending.

#1 - Power Rangers SPD

Yes, I LOVE SPD. Is it the perfect season? No, but there is no such thing. SPD starts off with one of the best premieres, and introduces us to one of the best casts. It helped that the cast had all ready become great friends before filming began. I loved how SPD reminded us again, that Power Rangers spanned a wide universe. That evil had to be fought by bands of Rangers on several planets. SPD again felt like there was much more at stake each week. The Rangers all grew over the course of the season, even if it took a few instances for the lesson to be fully learned. Then there is the general look the season. Greg Aronowitz made SPD look spectacular, and had it not been for him, it very well could have just been small & forgettable. While I acknowledge the shortcomings and missteps of SPD, I still love it. I can watch any SPD episode and enjoy it.



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