“Powers From the Past Review”

February 2, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge has made it’s debut…online at least. The official television premiere is this Saturday, February 7th at 12:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM CT on Nickelodeon. But since the fans responded to Saban Brands’ call to retweet an image several times, the premiere was “unlocked” and released online last Friday. I wanted to share my thoughts & praise for this great episode.


The episode does a superb job of setting up not only some of the backstory, but the main plot going forward to the season. From the opening with the villains, to Keeper’s race to keep the Energems safe, to meeting Tyler, Shelby, Chase, Koda & Kendall, to our Red & Pink heroes morphing, and wrapping up with Tyler & Shelby driving & talking. The entire show felt like a great ride with excellent setup. I can’t wait to see more of everyone’s story and personality. Chip Lynn did a great job in really giving every part of the show purpose, and every character a distinct personality.


The opening for the show is magnificent. I fell in love with the theme song back when it debuted in the Dino Charge App in November. Now with all the show images and scenes put to it, it makes it even more powerful. There have been some subtle additions made to it, and they only serve to make the song better. What I throughly love from the opening is the “roll call” is gone. No longer do we have the Rangers having to call out their names. Thank you Saban Brands for returning to just letting the song play, and allowing the audience to read the names on the screen. Also a quick reminder, the Power Rangers Dino Charge theme song album is available on iTunes.


I all ready love this cast. Brennan Mejia is a GREAT Red Ranger. Tyler has an adventurous spirit, as well as a heroic heart. His desire to find out what happened to his father is a good mystery. Brennan brought good humor to the role as well, stealing the show with the “spinning the thing” line. Camille Hyde as Shelby was very strong and independent. I greatly enjoyed her attitude throughout the episode, especially proving his knowledge of dinosaurs to Kendall. Yoshua Sudarso, James Davies, and Clarie Blackwelder all did great with their limited screen time. I love how Chase is a ladies man, but not over-the-top with it. Koda looks like he is going to be a very fun Ranger. I like Kendall as the stern by-the-book type, and am interested to learn why she didn’t want Shelby coming on the dig. Everyone just did such an excellent job in the episode, and I can’t wait for Michael Taber to make his debut as Riley.


These are great & fun villains. I throughly enjoyed being introduced to them first, and Sledge having a reason for attacking Earth, and what he wants. Speaking of Sledge, it is so good having an original villain for Power Rangers again. His design is simple, but still menacing. I like the carryovers from Japan with Fury, Wrench and Poisandra. Each of them have strong & unique personalities. And is it just me, or does Wrench sound like Baboo from Mighty Morphin? I think having all the “monsters of the day” being prisoners of Sledge is very creative. It now makes sense that each of the monsters is doing Sledge’s bidding, in hopes that if they succeed they will be set free. Sledge’s ship looks good as well. I like the asteroids being hauled around by Sledge, and thus leading to the destruction of the dinosaurs.

Also, here is a thought that may blow your mind. If you will recall, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Tommy explained that the Dino Gems came the asteroid that wiped out the Dinosaurs. So, Sledge was actually hauling around an asteroid that had the Dino Thunder Dino Gems on it or in it. This means that in a way, the Dino Thunder & Dino Charge powers share a bit of history.


If it is one thing I love more than original Power Rangers villains, it is having a completely original mentor. I like the design of Keeper, as well as the story we have learned thus far. I liked the extra little hint they included with his belt having ten different colored links on a chain. I am anxious to see how he survived, how he was awoken, and how he trains & mentors our team of Rangers.


Again, Judd “Chip” Lynn did an outstanding job with “Powers From the Past”. This episode did everything a premiere should do. It was packed with a bit of mystery, good humor, some action, and it leaves you wanting more. I thought it was a good move to only have two of our heroes actually Morph, and get the majority of the focus. Chip is a great person to have in charge of Dino Charge, because he is a big story & character writer. I have complete faith that the next two years (and hopefully many more after that) will be a great ride. Oh, and if the “nice shootin’ Tex” line IS a Ghostbusters reference, then I just want to say an even bigger THANK YOU to Chip. :)


As great as the episode is, I have just one critique. I feel the actual Ranger action was short. I still love the episode because it had so much great setup for the characters and villains, but I think the short battle may not have had enough pull for some younger viewers. I hope I am wrong, and I again loved this episode, but maybe just a tad more action might have helped. Or maybe if Nickelodon would actually give us an hour long premiere, thus showing “Past, Present and Fusion” after “Powers From the Past”, it would help. But then we are stuck with Nickelodeon, so I know that two new episodes being shown on one day, or even in one week, will not happen.


This was a great way to start Power Rangers Dino Charge. Everyone did an amazing job. I just want to thank everyone involved for making the episode the best it can be. I can’t wait to see how everything will play out this year, and into next year too. I give “Powers From the Past” a perfect five out of five..



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