“Dino Charge Mini Toy Review 2”

January 13, 2015

With the first new ledger entry for 2015, I decided to kick things off with a new mini toy review. So let’s get to tackling some more Dino Charge toys.

It’s been a few years since the Ranger’s belt buckle has been released, without having to purchase some big training set. Still, since Super Samurai, all the buckles have been just plain item holders. They only served to hold the gimmick item for the year, and did not have any features beyond that. Now the Dino Com is a drastic improvement from those. This buckle is a good size for kids & adults, holds Dino Chargers, clips on & off easily, and has a series of four sounds. Granted I would have liked some other non-generic sounds for the device, but I still think it’s a step in the right direction. I do hope that the show does indeed use this item as the Ranger’s communications device, because I think it has a great design to it.

The Dino Com can hold three Dino Chargers in it. They clip in and and are held firm. You receive the Triceratops Dino Charger with the Dino Com. However, for some odd reason, the picture of the Triceratops in the Charger is smaller than the version you get with the standard Charger pack. I’ll get more into this with the Charger packs review.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5

The “Action Hero” figure line continues on. These 5” Dino Charger Ranger figures look great. They do not have their backs painted, but I’m okay with this omission. Each Ranger comes with the standard Dino Charge Morpher & Dino Saber, done in a yellow plastic. The joints and poseability that we have grown accustomed to with the Action Hero line are still present here. What I truly appreciate is that Bandai America made the spiked Dino Shoulder Pad moveable, thus allowing you to still get a great rage of movement out of the Ranger’s left arms. While I wish the figures had come with their unique weapons, I have hope that these might come with future figure releases. Plus, I still wish Bandai America could do something about the skirts on the female Ranger figures, and allow for more posing.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

I was looking forward to these Dino Charger Packs, and they did not disappoint. The Chargers themselves are very enjoyable. It’s fun to have the core five Ranger Chargers, and to flick through the four pictures to “Charge” them. Then to have five more Dino Chargers, all coming into play in the show at some time, is great. I love that we are getting both standard & fossil releases of the Chargers. The five fossil Chargers look very cool, especially as you press the button and essentially bring the Dino back to life from it’s fossil state.

What’s even cooler are the mini Dino Zords that you get with each Charger Pack. These things are outstanding. I love the little stylized look & design they have to them. Each time I look at them I feel like I’m looking a baby versions of the main Zords. They have bonuses with being able to swap out fronts & backs, and being able to “load” a charger into them. My only complaint is that when you place a Dino Charger into one of the mini Dinos, the Charger doesn’t seem too firm. I would have liked for the Charger to be just a tad more snug. Still, it doesn’t take away any enjoyment from these toys.

Now all the Charger Packs I have seen in my area, all have the numbers outlined in black (save of the Black Ranger’s charger being outlined in white). However, other fans & collectors have found Dino Charger Packs where ALL of the numbers are outlines in white. Then there are some Dino Chargers that come with smaller pictures of the Dinos. All these inconstancies can be frustrating for some, and I’ll admit I do wish there were just a complete & consistent line. However, I’m not too bothered by whether the numbers are outlines in black or white, and the smaller dinosaur pictured ones seem to be with the Basic Battle Gear releases.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Okay, I’ll just get it out there in case you didn’t all ready know. I LOVE the Armored Figures. When they first started, I was hesitant, but now I think they are one of the best lines Bandai America does with Power Rangers. This figure has all the great articulation of the past Armored figures. It features good detailing, but no painted back. The spiked Dino Shoulder Pad does move up to allow more poseability. One tiny issue I found is that my Armored Red Dino Charge Ranger came with red wrist joints, where others have received figures that have accurate white joints. This is just a very tiny flaw, and one that I easily look past.

The accessories included with the toy are great. You get the Dino Charger Morpher, Dino Saber & Dino Cannon. All three of these are done in yellow & silver paint & plastic. You also receive the spiked Dino Armor for both arms, the Red Ranger’s T-Rex Smasher, and the Dino Armor X/Deinosuchus weapons. Plus the usual sets of open hands & weapon holding hands. Mixing and matching all the armor & weapons makes this figure so much fun. You can get so many great action poses out of it, and bring it to life. I can’t wait for the Dino Charge Gold Armored Ranger figure to be released. I just wish Bandai America would also consider released some past Red Rangers in this style.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

The Dino Charge toy line continues to succeed on many levels. It should be fun to see what gets shown off at the Toy Fair, to then anticipate for the remained for 2015.



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