“Earth Fights Back DVD Review”

December 8, 2014

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce Volume I: “Earth Fights Back” DVD comes out this week. It is packed with strong action, and kicks off the Super Megaforce DVDs quite well.


With the help of their powerful new Legendary Morphers and Keys, Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia and Jake are able to morph into the Power Rangers Super Megaforce! And there is no time to lose, as they must save the city from Cybax's impending missile launch, battle Skatana's Octoblade attack and defeat a massive X-Borg assault. But how long can the Rangers hold off this new threat before Earth is conquered by the evil Prince Vekar and his minions once and for all?


These Lionsgate Power Rangers DVDs just continue to get better with their artwork. This cover image features our five main Super Megaforce Rangers, with the city & invading armada behind them. The volume comes with a holo-box style cover. The back cover features another great team shot, against the city & armada ships. The disc features the main cover art image. It comes in a standard black DVD case.


The main menu starts out with the cover art in the back, while the Megaforce/Super Megaforce instrumental theme playing. After a few seconds, the art then shifts to fight footage from episode 1, and then to the individual morphs of the Rangers. Then it cycles back to the cover artwork and starts over.


This first volume contains the first four episodes of Super Megaforce. All four of these episodes are very good. The season picks up right where Megaforce left off, they all feature great action, adventure, and some good humor too.

1. Super Megaforce
Gosei presents the Rangers with new Morphers that unlock a Super Mega Mode, which will allow them to access the powers of every previous team of Power Rangers.

2. Earth Fights Back
While the rest of the team works with the civilians to rebuild their city, Troy stumbles upon a plot by the Armada to launch missiles at major cities throughout the world.

3. Blue Saber Saga
After being humiliated in battle by a master swordsman monster, Noah suffers a crisis of confidence and questions his worthiness as a Ranger.

4. A Lion’s Alliance
Determined to strengthen their defense against the Armada, the Rangers head to a mystical airborne island named Animaria in search of the wild yet powerful Red Lion Zord.

While not having any bonus features on the disc itself, Lionsgate did include a digital download code insert. So you can get all four of these episodes in digital format, for your computer & mobile devices. Still, I would have liked for some kind of bonus feature on the disc.

This is a really good DVD for young Power Rangers fans, and adults who enjoyed the season too. While low on bonus content, you still get the first four Super Megaforce episodes on DVD, for the first time, as well as a digital download code for them. The episodes are very enjoyable, and great fun.

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce Volume I: “Earth Fights Back” DVD will be available on December 9th, wherever DVDs are sold. It should cost $10 to $15, depending on the retail store.

Coming out next will be Power Rangers Super Megaforce Volume 2: “The Silver Warrior”, on February 10, 2015.



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