“Power Rangers Toys I’d Like to See”

November 5, 2014

A couple of years ago, I posted a ledger entry talking about what toys I would like to see Bandai America make for the 20th Anniversary. Amazingly enough, most everything ended up coming about. So I thought I would go ahead and type up another entry, this time focusing on what I’d like to see come out over the next couple of years. 

More Armored Figures

We all ready know that the Armored Figures will be continuing, as the Armored Dino Charge Red Ranger figure is shown here. However, what I would like to see added to the line (besides some female Armored Ranger figures) are other past Rangers.

To me, the Armored figures have taken the place of the Battlized Ranger Figures. I think would it would be cool to see a Super Samurai Red Armored figure. The coat style armor would be easy enough to just pop & snap on. The Samurai Rangers are still likely in the current demographics memories. Plus, if this armored figure were to be made, it would be very easy to also make a Shark Mode Red Samurai Ranger. All that would need to be done for this, would be to repaint the coat & make a Shark Saber accessory. Overall, I just want the Armored Figures to continue on for a very long time, and add more of the past Rangers to the line.

Legacy Power Morphers - Ninja Coin Editions

I love the Legacy Power Morphers, and am very grateful to Bandai for putting out both versions, and all seven original Power Coins. But to truly finish off the Mighty Morphin Legacy Power Morpher collection, you have to have the Ninja Coins.

Back in 1995, I loved the designs of the Ninja Coins, and I was very disappointed that Bandai did not produce accurate coins of them. I feel the Legacy Line now offers that opportunity. I would like to see Bandai re-release the original Legacy Power Morpher, but now include the Ape, Frog, Wolf, Bear & Crane Ninja Coins. Then re-release the Gold Legacy Power Morpher with Tommy’s Falcon Ninja Coin (which is all ready planned for the White Ranger Movie Morpher release), but also include the Ninja Tribe Coin. These two releases would completely finish off the Power Coins, as well as give some fans a chance at getting more original Legacy Power Morphers.

Nippon Morphers

Last year Bandai America started bringing over the main Megazord, from Japan, and releasing it under the “Nippon Megazord” title. These releases were the exact same toys that Japan got, only with english instructions, and maybe a slight modification to the box. These releases, while nice, lack one element though. Who wants only ONE part of a long Zord & Megazord line from Japan? I think if we are going to bring over just one toy from Japan, it needs to be the Morpher.

Think about it, for years now the toy morpher has been used as the on-screen prop of the show, both in the Power Rangers and Super Sentai. I can tell you that it adds even more enjoyment for me as a collector, knowing that the prop the actors are using on the show, is the same toy that is sitting in my collection. I think bringing the Mobirates over would be the perfect place to start. Now there would be the issue of the names & sounds. For me, I’d fine with them staying the same. However, if Bandai America really wanted to put forth a lot of effort, they could change the programming & sounds to where the Japanese Keys activated the DX Legendary Morpher sounds (and just have the non-PR teams say the words “Power Rangers”). Still, I know that would be a stretch, but I think just brining over the main Morpher from each season would be more attractive to collectors, than just one Megazord.

Those are my thoughts on what I would like to see come from Bandai America for the next couple of years. I know most of the 2015 line is all ready set, but maybe they could still take these suggestions into consideration going forward. I still look forward to everything Bandai America will be releasing, and adding even more Power Rangers toys to my collection.



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