“Toy Comic - A Long Halloween Night”

October 31, 2014

Ah, Halloween. My favorite time of year. With the toys of Linear Ranger’s collection celebrating this spooky holiday, it’s up to The Real Ghostbusters to make sure no menacing ghoul ruins the night. But how do you tell the real spooks from the costumes? Find out in “A Long Halloween Night”.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without me doing a Toy Comic featuring Ghostbusters figures. I didn’t want to do a complete rehash of my 2008 Halloween Toy Comic, but I still wanted to include the newer Samhain and The Real Ghostbusters figures. So the idea came to me of having the Silver Ranger dress up as Samhain. Then for the extra bit of humor at the end, the 10” Super Megaforce Red Ranger planning on being Stay Puft (using the NECA Stay Puft figure). I hope you enjoyed this comic, and that you have a very Happy Halloween.



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