“Legacy Zord Power!”

October 28, 2014

It took two years, and a fair junk of cash, but the Legacy Zord line for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season One is now complete. These three releases have captured the designs of the show, and made excellent collector’s pieces. I wanted to put together a quick entry to show off some pictures, talk a bit about each release, and give my overall thoughts.

The Legacy Megazord was released in 2013, and was an upgrade of the 2010 Mighty Morphin Reversion Megazord. The overall look and design is amazing to me. Some complain that the Zord Builder ports on the knees of the Tyrannosaurus lead to a distracting knee appearance on the Megazord, but I’m fine with the way it looks. Granted the metallic coating on the Power Sword made it difficult or the Megazord to hold it, but my father & I corrected that issue. The only issues I would change now, looking back on it, would be to have it be fully painted like the Dragonzord & Titanus, and to strengthen the knee joints to further support the Dragonzord’s weight. Still, this is a great piece and I hope Bandai will consider re-releasing it.

The Legacy Dragonzord is a masterpiece. This blows the original 1993 Deluxe Dragonzord out of the water. All the show accurate details really stand out. The interchangeable hands are a great plus, but the best feature of this Dragonzord is it’s tail. I love the poseability Bandai put into the tail. It helps bring the Dragonzord to life. The combined modes both look great. Granted the Dragonzord in Fighting Mode is only about half as tall as it’s Drill Staff weapon, but it still looks good. The Mega Dragonzord combo is one I love, though Bandai didn’t exactly make the instructions for this perfectly clear. The clips that are meant to hold it in place on the Megazord’s shoulders DO NOT clip on over the top. They are to be positioned at 45 degree angles when positioning everything, and then slid into place at straight 90 degree angles. Still, this mode looks stunning.

Wow, Legacy Titanus is the perfect conclusion to this part of the Legacy Zord line. Where the Legacy Dragonzord blows it’s original out of the water, this Titanus sends his original out of the galaxy. Once out of the box and put together, you feel like you are truly looking at Titanus. I love the size and every single painted detail on this Zord. He looks immense and so powerful. The fully articulated neck brings everything to life. Combining everything to form the Ultrazord looks amazing. I am lucky to not have any major issues with the weight of my Legacy Megazord & Dragonzord, so my Ultrazord formation looks fine.

Now I know there are some that have Megazords with very weak knee joints, such as MMPR Toys (be sure and also check out their YouTube page). For those with weight & knee issues, I may have a solution. Make sure the loops that are on Titanus for his chain, are both pointing straight up. When you place the Mega Dragonzord into Titanus, have the arms at 45 degree angles. Place the claws from the arms on the loops. The loops should stay in place and provided the extra needed support, thus allowing the Mega Dragonzord to stand more up right.

All three of these Legacy releases are outstanding. I love all three and think they are worlds better than the original 1993 releases. For any die hard Power Rangers fan & collector, these are certainly worth the money, if you can afford them.



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